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Susan Grossi, Educational Consulting, provides services for families with a struggling teen or young adult. We can help you decide if your child would benefit from attending a special program or school. We will pre-screen your child and work with Admissions Counselors in finding the appropriate program. Selecting the right program will be one of the most important decisions you face as a family. We have been visiting and evaluating schools and special programs throughout the country and we are familiar with the large number of diverse programs available, and can guide you in making a successful decision.

We believe that a successful outcome begins with a well-conceived plan. It is important to emphasize however, that this process can be accelerated to 24 hours or less if the safety of the child is in question. Many of the steps outlined below can be performed after the safety of the adolescent is assured.
The process begins with a phone call in which it is determined whether or not alternative placement is appropriate for your child. If it is determined that an assessment is needed, we begin by meeting alone initially with the parents, then followed by an interview with the child (if possible).

At the initial meeting we cover the following topics:
Review of school transcripts.
Review of available testing data.
Obtain a list of all professionals with whom we may need to speak.
Discuss the current situation.
Discuss parent goals for the child.
Discussions with involved professionals and other parties, i.e. therapists, teachers, and friends.
Formulation of a plan. We work with the family to create a profile of your child's emotional, physical, academic and intellectual needs. Once we have met with the child and the family, reviewed transcripts and talked to all concerned parties, we can formulate a plan. This may include local alternative schools, specific therapeutic options, residential programs or a combination.
Execution of the plan. Having pre-screened the child, we will contact schools or programs that are suitable for the child's needs. We work with the Admissions Counselor to determine whether the child is a good fit, and if there is room for placement. The family can interview among the recommendations and choose the one that best meets their needs at each step in the plan.
Follow up and plan adjustments as necessary. As agreed upon, plan is not a static event. We will continue to stay involved in the progress of the child. If after the initial step, assessments and evaluations reveal new conditions, we will coordinate with the family and adjust to these changed circumstances.

Symptoms of a teen in crisis include:

Substance Abuse
Oppositional and Defiant Behaviors
Depression, Anxiety and Other Mood Disorders
Cutting or Other Self-Destructive Behaviors
Running Away
Academic Failures or Underachievement
Learning Disabilities
Lacking Self-Reliance & Independence
Suspension/Expulsion from School
Eating Disorders
Poor choice of friends
Family difficulties

The goal of our services is to help families identify programs for their child where they will be happy and successful; provide honest, objective and informed advice through all phases of the admissions process; and facilitate communication between students and families to make this process simple and efficient. Believing passionately that a well informed decision, with the help of a professional educational consultant, provides for a more successful outcome.

Personal Profile

Susan Grossi, MA, MFT
Educational Consulting, LLC
Helping Teens and Families in Crisis.

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), and a school psychologist serving the public school system in Southern California, Susan has worked with children and adolescents with emotional disturbances and learning disabilities, and assisted families in crisis for over fifteen years. Susan received a Bachelors Degree, Cum Laude, in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton (CSUF); a Masters Degree, Magna Cum Laude, in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University; and a Masters Degree, Suma Cum Laude, in School Psychology from Alliant International University. She is the recipient of the CSUF 1992, Humanities & Social Science Lifetime Achievement Award.

As a MFT, Susan has served as the Clinic Director for an outpatient mental health clinic providing services for children ages 5-18 and their families; and owned her own private practice.

Susan was an assistant professor at the California School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles (CSPP-LA), instructing pre-doctoral students.

Susan has been an active member in her church and the community providing services for the following:

Board of Directors for Laura's House, a battered women's shelter
Member of the South Orange County Community Service Council Family Violence Prevention Committee
Member of the Orange County Child Abuse Task Force
Member of the Community Counseling Consortium
Member of TAFFY (Tustin Acts for Families & Youth)
Sunday School Teacher, Youth Advisor, Camp Director, and Sports Director
Provided pro bono counseling services to un-wed pregnant teenagers

She is a Certified Mediation Specialist; a Court Appointed Expert Witness on Domestic Violence; a Certified Victim Advocate; and a Certified Sexual Assault Counselor. Along with her education and professional skills, Susan brings rich experiences to the table as she has raised four children to adulthood. She has been commended for her insight, wisdom, professionalism, and commitment to going beyond the expected.


Psi Chi National Honor Society

Susan Grossi

Educational Consultant

(888) 246-0039

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