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12 months

Project PATCH Ranch provides...

many teachable moments through daily counseling and activities designed by staff to make mentoring and counseling meaningful to each child
a stable, caring, family-like environment for children who need alternative living arrangements
age-appropriate education
independent living skills
pre-employment training
group therapy
an enriched environment in which at-risk youth can develop into productive and successful adults
education and treatment components separated by gender so that residents focus on their individualized Treatment Plan

Project PATCH accepts young people with issues such as ADHD, oppositional disorders, rebelliousness, authority issues, minor runaway, petty theft or shoplifting, anger control problems, poor decision-making skills and poor peer choices. We also takes young people who use thinking errors such as blaming or rationalization to manipulate those around them so that they do not have to take responsibility for their actions.

Project PATCH is neither a treatment program for young people with compounding mental health issues, or the emotionally disturbed, nor are we a drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility. We do not accept those with criminally violent behavior or sex offenses, fire starters, those with severe eating disorders, or pregnant teens.

Project PATCH is willing to consider any child (12-17 years old) regardless of race, creed or national origin who fits the licensing creteria for behavior modification treatment.

Project PATCH school strives to be a dynamic learning system developed to serve our students' needs.
Our individualized program allows students to succeed where they have failed in other environments. To ensure a smooth transition home, our program includes:

Customized Student Learning Plan

1) Teacher directed and facilitated.
2) Classes are separated by gender.
3) Individualized course work accommodates a
student's ability and experience.
4) GED, cooperation with other schools, and
correspondence courses (at parent's expense).

Technology Computer Lab
Donated by the Christian Education Foundation, the lab allows students to compose homework assignments on the latest generation of software and hardware such as Microsoft Office Suite.

Real Life Learning

Positive peer relations and counseling groups are practiced as learning tools.

Life skills such as setting and following personal goals, effective communication skills, and resistance to social pressures are taught and applied on a daily basis. Residents earn psychology and sociology course credit.

Vocational skills such as automotive mechanics, woodworking, photography, landscaping, gardening, household management and cooking are taught.

Regular Courses

English Bible
Math Biology or Earth Science
Psychology Life Skills
Sociology Physical Education
U.S. History Study Hall

Project PATCH provides a complete educational program to facilitate a smooth transition when the client returns home. A progressive school program prepares students for higher learning opportunities and deepens their comprehension of education resources.

In order to instill permanent life skills, PATCH adheres to a complete Accreditation and Licensing criteria for Education as well as all aspects of the PATCH Treatment Program.

They have learned to trust one another.

“We did it!” screams a raft full of young people after having gone through four rapids by working as a team.
“This … is really worrying me,” says one of the young people to a counselor during a quiet, relaxed game of pool.

These exchanges reflect progress in their lives.

Recreation at Project PATCH addresses the basic human need for our active teens at the Ranch. It is integrated into the Treatment Program every day with extra activities over the weekends.

Recreation is designed to address physical, mental and emotional needs, not just to kill time or provide entertainment. The benefits include emotional release, fitness, teamwork, building good relationships, and fun. Emotional release through recreational activities is a healthy and appropriate way to handle frustration, stress, tension, and anger. When anger surfaces during an activity the appropriate response can be taught. Often a game will be stopped, and group counseling will take place to resolve the problem.

Fitness is an obvious benefit as young people learn sports and wholesome recreational skills. The low ropes initiative course focuses on team building and problem solving for both residents and staff. The positive energy that occurs during recreation is a great stimulus for building good relationships. The elements of trust, sharing and caring are dependent upon close relationships. Recreation equals fun…a time to laugh, run, jump, exercise the mind, and enjoy life at that moment.

The program includes active, passive, indoor and outdoor components. Teamwork, fitness, emotional release, building good relationships, and good old-fashioned fun make up the recreation program at Project PATCH. Active recreation includes basketball, floor hockey, softball, hiking, swimming and other sporting activities. Passive recreation includes chess, crafts, music, foosball and ping-pong. Each activity has purpose to focus the residents on healthy amusements and activities. Television, movies and other technologically based entertainment are kept at a minimum.

Whatever the young people are involved in there are always teachable moments, which makes mentoring and counseling meaningful. The counseling staff uses a cognitive behavioral approach, which is based on the premise that actions stem from beliefs that are based on thoughts.

There are five components in the Therapeutic Program. Each resident has an individual case plan that is made up of these components.

Behavior Modification: Helps each resident learn responsible living. Interaction with peers and their response to staff determine the privileges that are earned at three program levels.

Counseling: Addresses a resident's mental and emotional issues. Goals are established to address each issue. Counseling occurs primarily through group sessions, and individual sessions when appropriate. Each resident belongs to one of four small groups.

Family: Establishes goals that rebuild healthy familiy dynamics, relationships and communication.

Educational: Evaluates each resident's academic capabilities and needs in order to establish a suitable goal that will help them succeed in school after leaving PATCH.

Aftercare: Aims at providing residents with the best possible opportunity for success after they have completed the PATCH Treatment Program. Each resident develops a prevention plan with their counselor to address areas such as family home environments, peer relationships and future education goals.

Project patch is sitauated an many acres, there are both girls and boys dorms, and a wonderful gymnasium

An important component of treatment is regular family visits. Ideally, family sessions will be scheduled every six weeks to three months.

We Believe... the uniqueness and value of every young person,
including those who have become troubled.

...that every at-risk youth deserves an environment
where they can rebuild a healthy life for themselves. the necessity of a program dedicated to the
individual needs of each resident.

...healthy relationships between adults and youth
are indispensable for at-risk youth to achieve healing.

...assisting troubled youth in cultivating a relationship
with Jesus Christ is the most permanent way for them
to find value, meaning, and healing

Sponsorship for your child is determined by family and individual need based upon prior year's income tax return and a current financial statement. All sponsorships are completely funded by private donations. For more details, please contact the Administrative Office at 503.653.8086.

These dedicated professionals have a love for God, a heart for young people and a passion for witnessing changed lives.

NancyAnne Ward
Admissions Coordinator
NancyAnne has been with Project PATCH since July, 1998 and serves in multiple roles. She coordinates intakes, admissions and client billing. She graduated Cum Laude from Texas A&M with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and was working toward her Master's in Criminal Justice Administration prior to coming to PATCH. NancyAnne has worked as a Probation Officer, Prevention Coordinator and finally as an Assistant Director for a county in the state of Texas. She is also a member of Alpha Phi Sigma, National Criminal Justice Honor Fraternity. Her pride and joy are her three children.

Colleen Donald

Treatment Coordinator

Colleen has been working at Project PATCH since December, 1999. She and her husband, Kirk, were blessed by the birth of their first child, Seth Paul, in August, 2004. Colleen is from Iowa where she completed her undergraduate and Master's degrees. She taught school and worked as a guidance counselor for six years at Sac and Settlement School. Colleen then moved to South Dakota where she worked as an out-patient therapist until coming to Idaho to work at Project PATCH.

Curt Shirer
Accreditation and Outdoor Recreation Coordinator
Curt received his Ph.D. at Texas A&M, a Master's of Education from University of Georgia and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Clemson University. He taught at Texas A&M's College of Natural Resources, the University of Nevada-Las Vegas' (UNLV) College of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism, and Montana State University's College of Education. He and his wife, Karen, have been married for nearly 30 years and have four children and five grandchildren.

Matthew Madden

Ranch Coordinator

Matthew received a Bachelor's Degree from Walla Walla College and has worked for Project PATCH for seven years. He has stepped into multiple roles at the Ranch including Dorm Staff, Maintenance Director, Girls' Dorm Assistant Director and Personnel Director. He has a sincere passion for working with teens and enjoys spending time teaching them to play hockey and the guitar. Matthew enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his wife, Christy, and their two lovely daughters, Rebecca and Madelyn.

Robert L. Boney


Ordained into the gospel ministry in 1972, Bob has directed publishing activities and pastoral ministries. His education includes a B.A. in Theology, Masters of Theology, Master's in Marriage, Family and Child Development and a Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary. His wife Donna supports him in his ministry and she works part time at the PATCH Ranch office.

Mike VanDyk

Boys' Dorm Director

Mike considers it a privilege to work for God at the Project PATCH Ranch. He spends many hours laughing, and at times, crying with young people and staff as they work together through complex issues. Today he sees his role as helping build lives for Christ. Mike recently returned to school where on a part-time basis he is seeking a degree from Boise State University in Social Work. Mike enjoys being a husband to wife, Marge, a father to three and grandfather to four.

Marge VanDyk

Girls' Dorm Director

Marge joined the PATCH staff in 1996. She was previously employed at Bear Creek Corporation (Harry and David, Jackson & Perkins) in Medford, Oregon, as a Line Supervisor. Marge and her husband, Mike, have been married for 32 years, have two sons, one daughter and four grandsons. When not spending time with the girls at PATCH, Marge enjoys hiking, backpacking, camping and gardening.

Jennifer VanDyk
Education Director
Jennifer's main role is communicating with schools and parents. She has been employed by Project PATCH for five years. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Education (BSE) from Pennsylvania's Mansfield University and is presently working on her Master's of Education. Prior to Project PATCH, she taught for two years at a public high school. Her husband, Jason, is the Assistant Boys’ Dorm Director, and they have identical twin sons.

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