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NEXT STEP FOR SUCCESS® coaching services will help you:

Implement A Plan To Address Immediate Concerns

Create Structure In The Home

Instill Confidence In Parenting Skills

Support The Work Of Specialty Schools And Programs

Develop More Effective Communication Skills

Create A Successful Transition Plan

Whether still IN THE HOME, or ENROLLED IN and/or TRANSITIONING out of a specialty school or program our coaches are available to provide support. Our skilled and certified coaches have traveled throughout the U.S. and overseas to meet the needs of our families.

I am honored to be your coach. As your coach I will serve as your advocate, supporter, encourager, mirror and partner. We are a team and together we are greater than the sum of our parts.

My Clients
My clients are intelligent, capable, alive, loving, healthy, growing people. I look forward to our time together.

Our Roles
The roles of coach and client are as peers. I am a trained, professional coach, not a licensed therapist. I do not attempt to provide diagnosis or treatment. I will tell you what I want for you, but our coaching relationship will always be about your agenda. I will listen, reflect, ask questions, give perspectives and help you identify options. I will encourage, challenge and support you.

Please share with me your stories, successes, disappointments, as well as your experience of our relationship. I want to know what works and what doesn't. I am your confidante. Everything you share with me will be held in absolute confidence.

I Am Your Resource
Use me as a resource. I am here 100% to support and assist you.

Extra Time
Between sessions, if you need to ask questions, seek clarification or bounce some ideas around, email me with your request and we can set up a short phone conversation. I do not bill for this time.

How does it work?
Coaching begins with a 'client inventory' meeting, either by phone or in person depending on the client's location. During this initial meeting the client will be given 'homework' to complete before the next session. Following sessions are 45 minutes long.

Each coaching session begins with a clarification of the client's goals and agenda for the session. The client is always in charge of the agenda and will determine the number and frequency of coaching sessions beyond the required minimum.
Between sessions, clients may be asked to complete certain agreed-upon writing and/or action assignments.

Confidentiality is critical to the success of the client/coach relationship

Penelope Valentine, CC, is Founder of NEXT STEP FOR SUCCESS® and is a CTA Certified Coach. Penelope brings a solid professional background of more than thirty-five years working in areas as diverse as airlines, corporate, private sector and non-profit administration, treatment center, and private education. Her educational background includes language studies, counseling, alcohol and drug studies, and coaching.

In 1987 Penelope made a major career and life-style change - moving from the corporate world to working with at-risk teens, young adults and their parents. She found a sense of fulfillment working in some of the country's premier emotional-growth schools and programs where she was instrumental in creating and developing a pioneer parent support and educational services department for parents of children enrolled in these specialty schools and programs. She has an in-depth knowledge of specialty school curriculum and teachings, of the challenges faced when making the decision to enroll a child or when transitioning out of these schools.

As a CTA Certified Coach Penelope brings her passion and expertise to her coaching so that each client can realize their goals and achieve fulfillment. It is her background as a counselor, teacher and administrator, along with her ability to support, motivate and mentor, that gives Penelope unique skills.

Penelope is also co-founder of Ever Higher LLC and is responsible for the company's finance, marketing and logistics. Her talent for organization and logistical administration has supported more than a hundred workshops and seminars for Ever Higher LLC.

After growing up and living in four foreign countries, Penelope has put her roots down in Redmond, Oregon. Penelope is a step-mother and step-grandmother. She and her husband, Bill, live in beautiful Central Oregon, where she enjoys gardening, the great outdoors and her pets.

"Penelope has been a real asset in helping us structure a framework that provides focus and common sense to our day-to-day parenting." Nevada parent

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Bill Valentine, PsyD., CC, is Founder of Ever Higher LLC and NEXT STEP FOR SUCCESS®. In 1987, after a successful thirty-year business career in fields as diverse as grain merchandising, publishing, advertising and outdoor adventure, Bill Valentine began a quest for opportunities to combine personal growth with service to others.

His search led him to a group of private, residential schools serving at-risk youth. It was here, in his work with hundreds of young people and their families as counselor, director of wilderness programs, academic dean, parent educator and Executive Director of California Operations, that Bill learned first hand of our children's greatest need - for models of healthy, growing adults.

Modeling his belief that "if you're not dead, you're not done", Bill obtained his Master of Arts degree in Education, his Doctor of Psychology degree, his professional Coach Certification, completed three marathons and numerous triathlons, climbed more than 20 major mountains, and is 2200 miles into his walk of The Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada - all after the age of 40.

In 2000, he started his third business, Ever Higher LLC, offering coaching, consulting, seminars, workshops and outdoor adventures to adults wanting to increase their successes as leaders, parents, partners and friends. Bill has challenged and led thousands of growing adults to personal summits through his workshops and seminars. Bill is also co-founder of NEXT STEP FOR SUCCESS® and brings his passion for working with struggling teens and young adults to his coaching relationships.

Dr. Bill Valentine has 17 years sobriety. He is a father and a grandfather, and lives in Redmond, Oregon, with his wife Penelope.

"Bill has been instrumental in guiding our family through some very trying times. He possesses a unique wisdom that is both highly perceptive and intuitive. He has stood out with a clear voice in a sea of conflicting and contradictory advice.Highly recommended. Illinois parent

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Vicki Jones, MS, CPC, is an Associate Coach with NEXT STEP FOR SUCCESS® and has worked as a personal growth facilitator for the past 25 years. She has advanced degrees in Psychology and Education, and decades of experience counseling teens, young adults and adults in self-discovery and personal empowerment.

Since 1986 she has worked in the field of private secondary education with children and their families facing emotional and social adjustment challenges. The past eight years have been devoted to creating and delivering personal growth and parenting workshops as a professional trainer, facilitator, and coach for parents as well as counselors and other staff. In 2001 she completed her Professional Coaching Certification through the Academy for Coach Training and is a licensed Living Your Vision® workshop facilitator. Vicki is committed to offering safe and supportive opportunities for her clients to be challenged to deeper levels of self-knowledge so they may experience greater fulfillment and life satisfaction.

On a personal note, Vicki is an adventurous traveler, a voracious reader and a slow, but committed, runner.

Vicki has worked with our family to develop strategies, techniques and skills in understanding our struggling teens and each other. Her support, wisdom and guidance has been insightful and caring. She challenges you to be your best." California parent

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