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The Anchor Academy is a faith-based ministry. We take troubled and at-risk boys ages 13-17 for a minimum stay of one year. The program is very structured and focuses on character building, respect for authority, hard work, establishing goals, and reconciling families. We work on changing the outside, while God works on the heart. This creates an atmosphere of tough-love discipline where the young men are taught to take responsibility for their actions.

The Anchor Academy began accepting young men in trouble, between the ages of 13-17, back in 1999. They have the capacity to keep fifty boys at a time and usually run full. The adolescents seem to struggle with every problem on earth, but by the time they leave the academy they are respectful, hardworking, and significantly different young men.

We run a private Christian school that uses the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) curriculum. Each student is given diagnostic tests to place him in the correct level of work. The curriculum is self-paced and focuses on each student’s individual needs to enable him to succeed academically. The boys attend school Monday-Friday during the regular school year, and summer school sessions are offered for students who need additional “catch-up” work.

On the plains of Northern Montana, a place where many describe as “the middle of nowhere,” stands an academy for rebellious teenage boys called the Anchor Academy. The landscape is truly striking at first sight. Vast, open, and remote, the scenery supports Montana’s nickname “Big Sky Country”. In the wintertime the temperature can drop to –30 creating what looks like an enchanted wonderland of snow, frosted tress, icicles, and unbearably cold air.

The Anchor Academy believes that the Bible is the instruction manual for solving life’s problems. The boys attend chapel services, memorize Scripture, and often sing at area churches and community events. The church services center on enthusiastic congregational singing and preaching. Visiting parents and area residents often participate.

We stand strong on the biblical values this country was founded upon and we make no apologies for it!” says Dennis McElwrath. “So many of these young men were searching for significance in their lives and we have the unique opportunity to show them the truth.”

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Dennis McElwrath, Superintendent

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