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To meet your individual needs, A.T.I. offers various lengths of treatment stays, including:


Alternative Treatment International, Inc. is located in tropical Clearwater, Florida. The experienced staff, comfortable facility, and individualized services provide a safe, therapeutic environment where those who suffer from the effects of alcohol, substances, depression, trauma and other emotional and spiritual disorders can heal the Mind-Body-Spirit-EnvironmentSM in a peaceful setting. We have combined the best of both worlds, outstanding therapy in a tropical location.

The Alternative Treatment International, Inc. staff is comprised of licensed, professional, experienced addiction recovery psychologists and therapists, all specializing in different aspects of addictions, recovery and trauma healing. This provides our clients with individual and specific attention in all areas of the Mind-Body-Spirit-EnvironmentSM. We teach spiritual healing techniques along with clinical psychotherapy and alternative healing techniques.

Admission to Alternative Treatment International is open to male and female adults 18 and older, who are experiencing substance abuse, psycho-emotional disorders, dual diagnosis, depression and early childhood and other traumas.

Substance abuse and the trauma, or psychiatric issues that contribute to the abuse issues are treated here.

Recreation Services

We provide a wide variety of fitness, recreational, and alternative healing activities on and off site, as scheduled, which include:

Fitness Activities
Yoga and Meditation
T'ai Chi
Beach Activities
Extensive recreation and fitness
amenities at an off-site 50,000 sq. ft.
fully equipped spa-resort

Recreation at the Spa & Fitness Center includes:

Fully Equipped Workout Facility
Tai Chi
Spinning Classes
State-of-the-art cardio-vascular
and weight training rooms
Fitness and aquatic recreation
Three heated pools
Steam rooms
Qi' Gong

A full range of Spa services are available at an extra cost and are scheduled at the Spa. Scheduling at the Spa has to be approved by A.T.I.

Spa and fitness activities may change according to A.T.I. or Spa schedules.

All Clients are accompanied by a staff member when on and off the facilities.

Group & Individual Psychotherapy Treatments

Alternative Treatment International, Inc. is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest level of psychotherapeutic and clinical care. All clinical staff members possess at least a Masters Degree and have years of experience in working with addictions and psycho-emotional disorders. Our clinical staff is also experienced in providing a wide variety of therapeutic techniques, and tailor the clinical therapy to each patient's specific disorder and needs. Psychiatric evaluations and medications are provided by our Psychiatrist when indicated, to better understand and meet the needs of each patient.

Clients receive individual psychotherapy sessions that are designed to uncover and resolve the causes of the problems that have resulted in their addictions or behavioral disorders. Clients also receive individual and specialized group Trance Work Therapy to uncover and resolve early childhood and adult traumas, as well as building a spiritual understanding and enlightenment that will assist them in their recovery, throughout the rest of their lives.

Psychotherapy sessions are conducted by our professional psychologists and recovery therapists. All therapists have a minimum of a Masters Degree, extensive education and training in conducting both individual and group psychotherapy for all addictions and psycho-emotional disorders. Group therapy sessions are designed to assist clients in learning how to overcome their addiction and behavioral problems and strengthen their foundation for recovery. Intensive individual psychotherapy sessions specifically address, uncover and resolve the underlying causes of the problem. Unlike many programs, our focus is on assisting our clients to change thinking. It is the thinking that has been producing the dysfunctional behaviors. When thinking changes, behaviors change by themselves. This is the basic premise of Perception Therapy

We encourage our client's family members to visit the program to explore the core issues that surround the chemical dependency or other destructive behaviors. Our clinical staff prepares the family members to realize the roles they play in the addiction and recovery process. As the whole family works through the goals of recovery, the opportunity for success of the client, along with the emotional health of the whole family is greatly enhanced. Client's families are contacted regularly upon authorization for clinical progress updates and encouragement to be involved in the clinical process.

Here at A.T.I., we have our own philosophy of what success means for a client as well as how we define success for our program. One very important reason for our exceptional client success is that we are and remain a small program, only accepting a maximum of 12 clients at one time. The small population allows for a great deal of individual attention and intensive individual psychotherapy. In this way we are able to work in depth to uncover and resolve each clients’ problems and issues, both key elements in their success in recovery.

Having developed close bonds with their primary therapist, many clients wish to keep in contact with the program by phone or e-mail. They tell us how well they are doing and how “their experience at A.T.I. had changed their thinking and changed their life.

Alternative Treatment International, Inc.
Staff Credentials

Medical Director/Consulting Psychiatrist

M.J. Gimeno, M.D. - Dr. Gimeno is the Medical Director and consulting Psychiatrist for Alternative Treatment International. He is a Licensed Psychiatrist who has extensive experience in evaluating and treating clients with substance abuse and mental health disorders. Dr. Gimeno holds a B.S. Degree in Pharmacy and an M.D. Degree from Valencia University Faculty of Medicine, France & Spain respectively. He has received advanced training in both Neurobehavioral Sciences and Psychiatry and Neurology. Dr. Gimeno has conducted research on such topics as The use of I.V. Clomipramine in Severe Major Depression; The use of Clomipramine in OCD; Neurotransmitter Analysis in CSF and Brain, both in vivo and vitro; Dopamine and Schizophrenia and The role of GABA in substance abuse and anxiety.

He is a member of AADA, Anxiety Disorders Association of America and The American Clinical Society of Psychopharmacology as well as The American Medical Association. He is currently working on a book entitled, "The Chemistry of Panic Attacks". Dr. Gimeno was born in Paris, France and is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian. He is a member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Dr. Gimeno evaluates, prescribes and manages medications for clients of Alternative Treatment International.

“The following Staff Members listed
below work directly with all clients.”

Clinical Director

Charles C. Robinson, M.A., L.M.H.C. - Charles is the Clinical Director and a Primary Therapist at Alternative Treatment International. He conducts individual psycho-therapy, group therapy, meditation, spiritual healing and lectures. He is a State of Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor and effectively guides clients to apply their unique strengths, knowledge and skills to overcome barriers to change.

He has been instrumental in helping hundreds of people to direct and transform their lives. Charles earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts degree in counseling from Seton Hall University. In addition to over 20 years of experience working with substance abuse and mental health disorders, he has provided training and consultation to local government and healthcare agencies alike.

By his example, Charles offers a call to find joy in each moment by listening to the place of connection that exists within each of us. He has a peacefulness and spiritual understanding that aids clients in finding the sense of hope and peace that they all seek. Charles has the rare therapeutic ability to elevate the awareness of others to their own value and importance and to recognize their own inherent worthiness.

Primary Therapist

Linda-Lu H. Misa, L.C.S.W. - Linda-Lu is a Primary Therapist at A.T.I. She conducts individual psycho-therapy, case management and aftercare planning. She holds a Master of Social Work Degree from Florida State University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Florida. She has extensive experience in conducting individual and group psychotherapy as well as all case management activities. She is a Member of The National Association of Social Workers, The Red Cross Mental Health Response Team, and a Member of The Critical Incident Stress Foundation.

Primary Therapist

Susan E. Sklar, MA - Susan E. Sklar, MA - Susan is a Primary Therapist at Alternative Treatment International. She conducts individual psychotherapy and group therapy incorporating art therapy. Susan transforms the principles of Perception Therapy into two and three-dimensional art projects that emphasize the process and materials. The art becomes an individualized outlet of expression speaking directly to the individual and an outlet for personal insights, experimentation, and a tactile expression of issues presented in treatment.

Susan earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH and a Master of Arts in Art Therapy Counseling from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, IL. Susan's experience includes working with children and families affected by sexual abuse, children and families affected by HIV/AIDS, incarcerated youth, and clients in drug and alcohol residential and outpatient services in St. Louis, MO.

Registered Dietician / Fitness Instructor

Kristen L. Porretta, R.D. - Kristen is a Registered Dietician and Certified Personal Trainer with AFPA. Kristen provides individual nutritional assessments and food/diet planning for the clients of Alternative Treatment
International. She is a Member of the American Dietetic Association and the Commission on Dietetic Registration. Kristen holds a degree from Montclair State University where she also conducted her dietetic internship.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Dolores (Dee) Collard Hinds - Dee is the LPN Nurse at Alternative Treatment International. She is a Florida State Licensed Practical Nurse and conducts nursing assessments, medication management and assists the Medical Director with all medical and client medication needs.

Behavioral Tech Supervisor

Jennifer J. Lagergren, B.A. - Jen is the Behavioral Tech Supervisor at Alternative Treatment International. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from California State University, San Bernadino, California. She is a member of Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology. Jen is the Administrative Assistant as well as the Supervisor of the Behavioral Health Tech staff. She conducts client admission orientation and is integral in assisting clients throughout their stay at A.T.I.

Residential Supervisor

Ira J. Edwards - Ira is the Residential Supervisor of the A.T.I. client living quarters. He is completing a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and has years of experience working with substance abuse clients and people with psycho-emotional disorders.

Behavioral Health Technician Staff

The Behavioral Health Technician Staff provides 24 hour per day guidance and supervision to clients of Alternative Treatment International. Many of our Technician Staff personnel possess advanced degrees or have experienced years of personal recovery.


Lecturers, as scheduled, provide lectures on diverse topics such as Perception Therapy®, Meditation, Trance Work (guided meditations), Mindful Living, Positive Thinking, Diet and Health, Fitness, Chiropractic, and spirituality at the Alternative Treatment International facilities to aid clients in the understanding of alternative healing techniques.

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