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Our program averages 20-24 months

Welcome to the New Leaf Academy, private boarding schools for girls ages ten to fourteen.

Each all girls boarding school Academy offers a supportive environment and the finest education in a homelike setting on one of two beautiful campuses in Oregon or North Carolina.

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The girls' boarding school program is year-round and lasts between 18 and 24 months. Within that time a young girl and her family work together with counselors and staff in the unique StarSteps Program. The program enables most girls to turn their lives around as all members of their families develop more effective ways of relating to one another. When a girl enrolls in the Academy, her parents do too through active participation in counseling and seminars and by monitoring their daughter at any time of the day or night through "Parent Check-In."

Your child will receive continual individual attention and nurturing care. She will study in small classes and receive counseling from staff sensitive to her situation and needs. Most students move ahead academically by one to four grades during their time at New Leaf Academy. The Academy's highly structured environment with regular hours for classes, study and recreation enables students to focus and manage their time.

Through the unique StarSteps program, each student comes to both understand and to take responsibility for her past choices as well as to appreciate her family and develop empathy and respect for others. Often the first breakthrough is as simple and gentle as learning to love and care for a small animal.

New Leaf girls form lifelong friendships and have more fun than anybody should be allowed to have. Both boarding school campuses offer an active program of outdoor sports from skiing and snowboarding in winter to canoeing and swimming in summer. Young girls can develop creative talents in all forms of art, drama and music. Students experience the culture of nearby cities and the beauty of local wilderness areas.

Many of our former students have expressed their gratitude to New Leaf Academy, the place they call the turning point in their young lives, the place where they turned over a "new leaf."

You are invited to explore this website and contact one of the Admissions Offices if you believe that New Leaf Academy boarding schools for girls could offer the same advantages to your daughter.

The typical New Leaf student is socially and/or emotionally immature but with average to above average intelligence. Many are diagnosed with ADHD, depression, bi-polar, anxiety and/or mild oppositional defiant disorders. Some students have mild learning disabilities and some are diagnosed as high functioning students with Asperger's Syndrome or non-verbal learning disability

A Personal Approach -- At New Leaf Academy girls prep boarding schools each student has her own Individual Education Plan designed personally for her. Staff members base her plan upon her outcomes from a wide range of assessments that test academic progress and personality. They consider her personal academic history, her individual strengths and weaknesses, and her personal learning style.

Education of the "Whole Child" - The private boarding school's educational philosophy is the development of the whole person: socially and emotionally as well as academically. For this reason academic and counseling staff members work closely together and discuss each student's progress at least once weekly.

Parents oversee their daughter's program - Through Parent Check-in, parents can view their child's daily work and progress, and check quiz and other test scores on line. Parents provide motivation to keep their child on track.

Developing Seven Kinds of Intelligence - The girl boarding school Academy recognizes Harvard professor Howard Gardner's work that human intelligence is multi-dimensional and that teachers can develop lessons for each of the following:

For more information on Academics at New Leaf Academy all girls boarding schools:

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Linguistic Intelligence ("word smart")
Logical-Mathematical Intelligence ("number/reasoning smart")
Spatial Intelligence ("picture smart")
Bodily- Intelligence ("body smart")
Musical Intelligence ("music smart")
Interpersonal Intelligence ("people smart")
Intrapersonal Intelligence ("self smart")
Naturalist Intelligence ("nature smart")
A Traditional College Preparatory Curriculum - The Academy offers a solid grounding in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. However, students can choose between a wide range of courses like journalism, astronomy, foreign language and computer science as well as a variety of art and physical education classes.

A Proven Record of Achievement - Students study in small classes with individual attention from their teachers. They complete between one and one a half-hours of supervised homework per day. Most students gain between one and four years of grade level improvement during their time at New Leaf Academy.

Current physical education and extra-curricular activities include dance, fencing, yoga, volleyball, soccer, basketball and baseball. There is a runners' club, a golf club and plans to build a gymnasium.

New Leaf Academy of NC employs a Doctorate level psychologist for clinical supervision of program staff and faculty. The counseling staff, which includes house parents and StarStep counselors, provides oversight to development and implementation of Individualized Learning Plans and serve as liaisons between the families and the school.

The 2005 founding class of the New Leaf North Carolina all girls boarding school is the first to live in the Academy's huge, newly renovated home with its beautiful Southern columns and classic architecture. The interior of this boarding school for girls is just as lovely with a massive old-fashioned living room dominated by a large concert-sized piano. New Leaf Academy of North Carolina girls eastern boarding school is set on hundreds of acres of beautiful wilderness in the world famous Blue Ridge mountain range with its breathtakingly beautiful hardwood forests. This is a wonderful four-season resort area near the charming historic town of Hendersonville, whose downtown area is included in National Register of Public Places. There are nearby rivers and waterfalls to explore, and areas that offer us a chance to hike, camp, ski, sled, rock climb, canoe and water-tube. The climate is perfect for tennis, golf, soccer, and other organized sports.

Parent visits are scheduled approximately every eight weeks. Annually, two of the scheduled visits encompass a two-day parent seminar which includes presentations and discussions with the New Leaf Academy counseling, academic and administrative staff.

We believe in the power and potential of young girls.

We believe that every girl wants success and positive relationships.

We believe that girls need staff who are role models and coaches and who, by virtue of their relationship, inspire their best.

We believe that academic success is critical to self-confidence, self-image and opportunity.

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