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Call admissions department for current tuition.

12 Month Program – Thayer Learning Center accepts students year round for this program. Call us today, and we will get your teen on the road to success.
Summer Enrollment:
4 Week Program – Enrollment for this program begins May 7. Students may be admitted any Monday throughout the summer until August 6.
8 Week Program – Enrollment for the 8 week program begins May 7. Students may be admitted any Monday throughout the summer until July 2.
12 Week Program – Enrollment for the 12 week program begins May 7. Students may be admitted any Monday throughout the summer until June 4.

Thayer Learning Center (TLC) is a program that changes, reunites, and restores hope to families across the nation. TLC is a military styled boot camp and boarding school that gives parents with disrespectful teens an opportunity to take control. At Thayer Learning Center, we work from the inside out to bring about a lasting change and a lifetime of happiness. If you think TLC could help you or someone you know call now at 1-800-435-0688 or contact us online.
Thayer Learning Center gives teens ages 13-17, the discipline and structure they need to change their lives, while giving parents the support they need to restructure their homes, establish communication, and reevaluate their situation.
Success for Thayer Learning Center comes when we have put a family back together, put parents back in charge, and give their teen an appreciation and true respect for themselves and the parental role. Call us today at 1-800-435-0688, and let us help you make a lasting change in your home.

Thayer Learning Center offers long term and short term program options. Our long term program is an open enrollment program, which means we accept students year round. For admissions to our summer programs reservations are required. To reserve a spot at Thayer Learning Center for your teen call 1-800-435-0688

At Thayer Learning Center, we accept students from all different types of backgrounds ages 13-17 years of age. Generally speaking, our students may have struggled with one or more of the following items:
Acting defiant, disrespectful and disobedient to authority figures at home and/or in school
Doing poorly, refusing to attend, or failing in school
Experimenting with drugs, alcohol, sex, and other risky behaviors
Having some minor legal troubles, shoplifting, taking the family car etc.
Struggling with or showing signs of ADD/ADHD or ODD
If your teen is struggling with one or more of the above mentioned items, call Thayer Learning Center now at 1-800-435-0688 or contact us online now. Our admissions office is ready to take your phone call and answer any questions you may have about our facility, staff, or program. Thayer Learning Center looks forward to helping your family.
Thayer Learning Center Does Not Accept Students Who Are Currently:Psychotic, suicidal, or have conduct disorders like tourette’s syndrome
Sexual perpetrators, violent, or overly aggressive
Physically disabled
Have serious criminal records
Intravenous drug users

Teens who are doing poorly in school do not appreciate the value of an education. At Thayer Learning Center, we teach our students that an education is a privilege. During the first phase of the program, cadets are not permitted to work on their schooling. School is earned during the second phase of the program where time is alloted for them to study at an individual pace with trained tutors and professional teachers. The students at Thayer Learning Center are able to focus on their course work without distraction, while getting the individual attention they need which is not present in public schools

Our MottoIt is mastery of these simple things in life that brings true success in life:
Spiritual Identity
Physical Fitness
Good Nutrition
Time Management
Financial Management
Goal Setting
Service to others

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Some of the services we offer:

  • Admissions Counseling
  • Crisis Placement Services
  • free advice on programs
  • Interim short, 3-5 day crisis placements awaiting long term placements
  • Pre-screened Places for Children, Adolescents, Teens and Young Adults
  • Recommendation of preferred schools and programs
  • Teen Transportation Services

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