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Ironwood, a Residential Treatment Center for teens located in the embracing Maine countryside, welcomes your troubled child into a safe and therapeutic learning environment. Licensed mental health professionals await the opportunity to help re-engage your teen and reunite your family.

Unlike other facilities, intensive therapeutic intervention sessions are the mainstay of Ironwood’s 6- to 9-month course correction program in which your teen progresses through productive behavioral changes. As a state-approved school, Ironwood’s academic studies program ensures your teen maintains his or her educational objectives.

Ironwood offers a highly structured treatment program with intensive daily counseling, monitored physical work, adventure-based experiences, and a wide range of special interest programs including equestrian, canine, art, culinary, horticulture, and nature therapy studies.

Founded by parents who have faced similar circumstances, Ironwood’s treatment program offers therapeutic, clinical, and educational services to bring about positive course correction. Through counseling, self-reflection, simple living, discipline, and engaging work, your teen will adopt proactive behaviors necessary to lead a productive life as a contributing family member and community citizen.

Ironwood’s comprehensive treatment program is carefully designed to assist families in crisis and turn around the behavior of the troubled teen by developing self-respect, values, and effective communication skills so that they can reconnect with their family members.

Prior to admission into the Ironwood program, the Admissions Director and Clinical Director, in concert with other members of the treatment team, review each application to determine if the center will meet your youth’s needs. A complete review of available psychological, medical, and educational assessments in conjunction with interviews with the family, determines what degree your troubled teen may safely participate in and benefit from the programs at Ironwood. If necessary, a psycho-educational evaluation will be conducted. Special attention is given to the physical requirements for participating in the adventure component of the program. Our staff reviews information you provide and continues to be in contact with you regarding your teen's physical care. As soon as possible after admission, assessments are conducted by your teen's primary therapist, nurse, and physician. These assessments are documented in the Service Plan, Nursing Assessment Form, and Intake Physical Examination Form.

When a family tries their very best to connect with an oppositional, defiant child, and their child does not respond to individual therapy, family therapy and other placements, often the youth has more than one problem. At Ironwood, we treat:

Oppositional defiance




Mood Disorders

Disengaged Families


Learning Disabilities

Post-Traumatic Stress

Anxiety Disorders

Depressive Disorders

Substance Abuse

Social Impairments

Victims of Abuse and Neglect

Physically Challenged Youth

Associating with Wrong Peer Group

Ironwood has embraced this attitude and teamed with Oak Meadow School, an outstanding academic program and curriculum, to insure that your child is provided the opportunity for academic growth and progress while at Ironwood. Through Oak Meadow School, a fully accredited K-12 distance learning school, students continue to progress academically toward their educational goals and work toward a high school diploma while in residence at Ironwood.

Proven Oak Meadow principles of learning have helped thousands of students around the world learn successfully since 1975, and this tradition of excellence has been recognized by major accrediting associations. Oak Meadow School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation, assuring that student work at Oak Meadow School will be accepted by colleges and schools worldwide. Oak Meadow maintains official transcripts of enrolled students, which may be sent to potential colleges upon request. Most Oak Meadow graduates go on to college, and they have attended and succeeded at a wide variety of colleges and universities. Oak Meadow School is also registered with the NCAA Clearinghouse, and our courses are approved for student athletes who wish to meet NCAA collegiate eligibility standards for Division I and II.

Oak Meadow School provides a challenging, self-paced, flexible, and engaging curriculum – a nice fit with residential life at Ironwood. Our philosophy is that learning takes place in a multitude of settings, but personal growth unfolds naturally in kind, challenging, nurturing, but disciplined surroundings. Oak Meadow academics, in concert with Ironwood, provides this personal growth environment to cultivate the development of the inherent goodness, responsibility, and positive direction in your child. At Ironwood, a living learning laboratory is ever present within the beautiful 500-acre setting. Through experiential educational programs and core academic offerings, Oak Meadow School and Ironwood team to provide a unique and meaningful learning experience. Through these programs and in this setting, students are exposed to subjects outside their normal realm of experience, including animal therapy, horticulture, culinary, life skills, NOAA meteorological programs, and possibilities yet to be discovered. After completing programs at Ironwood, students may continue with Oak Meadow to earn additional credits and a high school diploma.

Academics at Ironwood are monitored on a daily basis by a certified and professional, on-site educational coordinator. Student work is supervised and sent weekly to Oak Meadow teachers, who evaluate and assess assignments and send reviewed work back to the students with comments and guidance. Academic program evaluation and direction is provided by Dr. Helene B. Jones, director of Oak Meadow School. Helene has 25 years of teaching experience, 12 years of educational administration experience, and has worked with distance education programs since 1985 and specialty schools and treatment programs since 2001.


Ironwood provides every troubled teen with intensive one-on-one sessions, twice weekly. The use of group sessions to treat young people is used throughout the week and is effective when they are used in concert with individual therapies.

Ironwood is located in a rural setting adjacent to Maine’s pristine Frye Mountain Wildlife Management Area, approximately 20 miles northwest of Camden, Maine. We are serviced by two major airports in Bangor (approximately 45 miles away, 1 hour 15 minute drive time) and Portland (approximately 95 miles away, 2 hours 10 minute drive time). Accommodations are available nearby in Belfast, Camden and Rockland.

The journey toward recovery is not easy, either for the family or teen. Life doesn't always hand us circumstances already shaped the way we want. Sometimes we need to be actively involved in the molding process. You will need courage, strength and tenacity to see treatment through to completion. There will be times when you doubt your teen’s ability to change. There will still be moments, hours, even days of despair when you question how your family life could ever be okay again. The staff at Ironwood will support you through these bleak times. They have the experience and skills to envision the "beginning to end." They have worked with disruptive, defiant, and destructive teens and have seen them emerge into responsible and caring individuals willing and ready to take their place in the family unit once again. We include the parents of each resident in a mini-program, so that they gain the benefit and knowledge of their teen's experience, first hand, In addition, we engage the parents in a family therapy process which originates with them as they participate in developing the service plan, continues as the change process of the youth progresses.

Ironwood is a residential treatment center committed to helping families in crisis with troubled teens. We trust the teens and families we treat to share our commitment to generating successful, rewarding outcomes. Our aim is to assess and treat the causes of unruly behavior, while providing self-esteem building activities and life-enriching experiences along with academic studies. We strive to reunite youth and their families through clinical therapy, discipline, hard work, and shared experiences in a safe, secure, and therapeutic learning environment.

Our professional, caring staff is committed to helping resident teens adopt positive, proactive behaviors and interpersonal communication skills, and to develop a core set of values including self-discipline, a sense of personal honor, and the courage to accept responsibility for one’s decisions and actions. We develop personalized, individual treatment plans for teens who are admitted to our course correction and self-esteem building program to help them achieve these goals.

Set against the wilderness backdrop of rural Maine's rolling, wooded hills, our residents and their families can expect the respect and empathy to which they are entitled, in an atmosphere of acceptance and genuine interest. The real problems, not the symptoms, are identified and treated with professional clinical techniques. Ironwood's structured and disciplined program provides a safe, therapeutic context from which the disengaged youth and their family may reengage at a functional level.

Through adventure-based experiences, teens are taught how to work through conflict for the good of the family; they are challenged to clarify their values and goals; they learn to bond in loving, positive ways. Through individual and group therapies, youth and their families learn more effective ways to communicate with each other and learn to relate to each other in a more understanding, respectful and appreciative manner.

the professional staff at Ironwood have years of experience with troubled teen programs and know what they are doing. They are highly skilled in mentoring and providing therapeutic interventions at critical emotional and behavioral junctures. Using their collective compassion and wisdom, they guide the troubled teens with empathetic counseling, planned instruction and provide experiences to give them the opportunity to make and correct mistakes in a safe environment. The combination of provocative experiences, and adult mentoring assists teens in arriving at a decision point to make healthier decisions for their own lives. In other words, Ironwood treats the troubled youth with respect and sets an expectation that experience and self-discovery brings out the best that is within them. At Ironwood, we believe that the things we remember for the rest of our lives come from a combination of experience and mentoring.


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