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we are dedicated to helping families strengthen their child’s social, emotional, and academic well-being. Since our firm was founded in 2000, we have assisted hundreds of families in making an informed and intelligent decision about the most appropriate educational and/or therapeutic setting for their child.

We provide advice and assistance to parents searching for appropriate school and/or therapeutic options for:

• Struggling pre-adolescents and adolescents with emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges (including youth who are depressed, angry, oppositional, bipolar, anxious, self-destructive, failing or bored in school)

• Young people struggling with drug and alcohol issues as well as chemical dependency

• Children and adolescents with learning differences or attention issues such as ADHD, as well as social and communication skills challenges associated with a non-verbal learning disorder or Asperger’s disorder

• Young people with developmental delays

• Young adults (18 – 26) with mental health challenges, drug & alcohol issues, and those generally needing assistance with school, work and acquiring the life skills necessary to transition into productive adult roles and responsibilities.

• Pre-school and school-aged children in the greater Portland area Including children with learning differences as well as those who are gifted and under-challenged or bored in school.

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