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Dr. Andy Sapp


Boys Only

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9 to 12 months

Cherry Gulch Boys Ranch is a small private owner operated, high-end ranch style therapeutic boarding school designed specifically for 10 to 14 year old boys.

Our goal is to provide early intervention and prevention to help these boys reach their full potential and to become well-rounded pro-social young men. We provide outstanding academic and therapeutic services to boys and their families.

We only accept boys and expect the average age to be 12.5 to 13 years-old because we only accept immature 14 year-olds and relatively mature 10 year-olds. We are passionate about early intervention and prevention and want to help you get your son back on the right path before their behaviors become more severe and entrenched. We are equipped to handle very difficult students as well as “softer” students with more internalizing behaviors. We are also prepared academically to work with students with learning difficulties and those that are brilliant academically. Difficulties our students struggle with may include:

* Abuse or Neglect

* Adoption Issues
* Anger
* Anxiety
* Authority Conflict
* Bipolar Disorder
* Bereavement Issues (Grief)
* Depression
* Divorce Issues
* Drug/Alcohol abuse (Mild to Moderate)
* Family Conflict
* Impulsivity
* Isolative
* Lack of Respect
* Learning Disabilities
* Limited Life Skills
* Low Motivation
* Low Self-Esteem
* Lying
* Manipulative
* Negative Peer Association
* Obesity
* Oppositional Defiant
* Poor Coping Skills
* Poor Social Skills
* School Problems
* Stealing
* Withdrawn

Cherry Gulch is accredited by Norhwest. Cherry Gulth has Master's level teachers working with the boys

There are both optional and required activities.

All students participate in Judo and Soccer. All boys are

Cherry Gulch strives to entwine the most effective therapeutic strategies into the student’s daily life. Therapeutic services include but are not limited to individual, group, and family psychotherapy, equine therapy, outdoor-based experiential therapy, bibliotherapy, art therapy, music therapy, play therapy, sand tray therapy, and a positive peer culture.

The treatment team is led by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. The primary interventions employed are those that are empirically-based and have been demonstrated to be effective either through scientific research and or clinical experience. An eclectic approach to treatment is taken based on the needs of the individual student. However, cognitive-behavioral, family-systems therapy, interpersonal therapy, existential therapy, Rogerian therapy, and positive psychology are the primary interventions. Many of the activities that students participate in have a therapeutic purpose yet the fact that theses activities are therapeutic is generally not apparent to the student.

Although a sophisticated empirically based approach to treatment is taken we realize that the relationship that is formed between a student and his therapist is the most critical aspect of the therapeutic process. We also realize that younger adolescents have a short attention span and often do not respond well to traditional “arm chair” therapy. We make therapy fun and rather than just sitting in an office and talking we engage our student in the therapeutic process while we are hiking or enjoying other activities. We do have scheduled therapy sessions but much of the therapy is done as life unfolds and a student is angry, frustrated, sad, in a conflict with another student, or any number of other events that may have occurred to elicit an emotional response from the student.

Cherry Gulch offers an integrative approach to treatment and education. The farming, ranching, and other agricultural aspects of the program are essential because we can use these activities to foster a strong work ethic, provide students with hands on learning experiences, and experiential therapeutic activities such as equine assisted psychotherapy. Even gardening can be therapeutic for multiple reasons. A simple example of this is that as a student plants a seed and cares for it it will begin to grow. That new leaf can be looked at as a new start or a second chance and the student can process how he was able to help the plant grow and what he feels he needs to help himself. Ranching will also be important as the students will be responsible for taking care of another living being. These activities can be tailored to each child’s needs. For instance, if we have a child who is struggling with adoption issues we can assign him to work with a family of chickens. We would let one variety of chicken set on her eggs but include an egg of a different variety so that when the chicks hatch they will be bonded with one another as well as with their mother. This will enable the student to talk about how they are all family and care about one another even though they don’t all look the same.

We offer approximately 10 hours per week of structured therapeutic services as directed by the Clinical Director, the child’s primary therapist, and his individualized treatment plan. The entire program is designed to be therapeutic and therapy continues throughout the day and through many of the child’s daily activities and as there is an opportunity for a therapeutic moment. Listed below is an example of the structured weekly therapeutic services offered at Cherry Gulch.

Cherry Gulch offers the wide-open space of country living and the benefit of a metropolitan area. We are located near Boise, Idaho, on 650 acres of pristine ranch land with beautiful views of mountains, valleys, Black Canyon Reservoir, and the Payette River. Students have easy access to natural wonders but are also close to many museums and the cosmopolitan activities of Boise.

Camp StanleyA unique therapeutic environment is provided where every experience is educational and therapeutic in a fun purposeful environment. We are dedicated to providing outstanding services to students and their families in the context of a safe, supportive environment

Quarterly family weekends and an hour of family therapy each week.

behavior modification and values based.


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Boy Scouts
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Cherry Gulch

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