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Defined by educational excellence, the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy (a K-12 public charter school) maximizes the potential of every learner. The school emphasizes self-discipline, respect, and individualized attention to help students master core subjects and prepare for college.

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Who can attend Agassi Prep?
Students currently enrolled in public or private schools, home-schooled, or in another charter school in Clark County are eligible to apply for admission.

Criteria for student selection
Applications are received from hundreds of interested applicants. A computer randomly selects the students from the pool of applicants.

Students are not charged tuition, however, nominal fees for uniforms, field trips etc. apply.

In January of each year, an application period of six weeks takes place. Parents/guardians of Clark County students, may complete an application at Agassi Prep. By mid-April, a database of applicants is compiled and the lottery is conducted. New students are notified when their names are pulled through the lottery.


The youth attending Agassi Prep exemplify our school motto, which comes from a speech once given by Winston Churchill: “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never.”

Facing what most would say are impossible odds, the students are optimistic and focused, and possess a thirst for learning. While Agassi Prep would not exist without our remarkable staff and the unending generosity of our donors, the school’s success lies solely in the hands of the students who walk through its doors each day. Without our kids’ commitment to the highest of standards, Agassi Prep would be merely a dream. Our students make the school a reality, and they make it a success.


When the school opened in 2001, none of the students tested at grade level in reading, writing or math. After six months, 58% of the students tested at or above grade level in reading, 42% tested at or above grade level in math, and 77% tested at or above grade level in writing. Those numbers have increased in the years since.

Students attend school for an additional 2 hours daily and an extra 10 days per year. Due to these extended hours, from kindergarten to graduation, Agassi Prep students will have experienced the equivalent of four additional years of schooling. What’s more, 85% voluntarily stay an additional 1-2 hours for activities, elective classes or tutoring.

We believe that every child has the potential to succeed. Therefore, we strive to help each child reach his or her goals by providing the resources and support necessary for success.

The most important resource offered to our students is a group of top-notch educators, administrators, and staff. Every team member at Agassi Prep is committed to our mission and to doing everything it takes to help our students reach their full potential. To reinforce this commitment, Agassi Prep holds all teachers directly accountable for their students' performance.

Students at Agassi Prep also receive all of the physical tools necessary for a superior learning environment. Although the state funds given to local schools fall far short of the national average, Agassi Prep supplements these funds with generous contributions from the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation®, federal monies, and private donors. The students at Agassi Prep pay no tuition yet receive the benefits of using state-of-the-art equipment in the school's classrooms and computer labs. This focus on integrated technology prepares our students to excel in college and beyond.

Another key element of the Agassi Prep environment is a standard of high expectations for students. To maximize the opportunity for academic achievement, students attend school for an additional two hours per day and an additional ten days per year. During the school day, students spend 33% more time on task than they would in a typical public school.

The bar is raised outside the classroom as well. Our students are taught that the qualities of honesty and determination will help them overcome the challenges they will face in their lives. In a disciplined setting where students learn to respect their classmates and instructors, the students quickly learn to respect themselves as well.

An additional component that encourages success at Agassi Prep is the involvement and the support of parents and guardians. Parents must commit to staying involved in their children's education by reviewing homework, communicating with teachers, and volunteering on campus. Parents are also encouraged to attend meetings designed to help guide the school's mission.

By setting high standards for the teachers, students and parents at Agassi Prep we create an environment of dedication, self-discipline and cooperation.

When children are given the proper support and encouragement, they dare to dream. And when children are given all of the resources necessary for a quality education, they have the ability to make their dreams a reality.


In the 2007-2008 school year, Agassi Prep will receive a per-pupil allotment of $6,371 from the state of Nevada. The Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation will contribute an additional $3.7 million to cover the remaining operational costs. These costs fund activities that have made our school a success, including an extra 2 hours per day and 10 more days per year.

The costs also fund technology; students have access to high-tech computer labs, and all classrooms feature two computers and touch-screen “Smart Boards.” State-of-the-art technology increases students’ opportunities and critical thinking skills. With these costs and the new $40 million campus, ongoing financial commitments are vital for continued success.


Jerome Myers
Chief Operating Officer

Roy Parker
Principal, Kindergarten to 8th Grade

Jenny Tan
Elementary Assistant Principal

Mike Maxwell
Middle School Assistant Principal

Caesar Mickens
High School Principal

Carol Foster
High School Assistant Principal


Agassi Prep’s student population for the 2007-2008 academic school year is 565. Our ethnicity breakdowns are 94.2% Black/African American, 3.5% Latino/Hispanic, and 1.2% White/Caucasian and Asian/Pacific Islander. The gender ratio is 45.7% male and 54.3% female. Approximately 4.2% of our students possess a learning disability.

With so many local public schools continuously appearing on the inadequate list and the low per-pupil funding provided by the state, students face tremendous educational obstacles. Minority and socio-economically challenged children are at the greatest disadvantage.

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