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We understand the need for a structured, yet loving, environment fostering hope, belief in self, and interdependence. Our intimate family-style setting provides a safe and supportive atmosphere where the individual needs of students become most important. We have chosen to provide Therapeutic Home Care due to an increasing number of students with multiple placement failures and it is our desire to interrupt this downward spiral. Our Therapeutic Home Care is focused on cultivating the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health of our students in natural world surroundings.

Our students typically have struggled with one or more of the following challenges:

Low self-esteem

Family conflicts

Adoption Issues

Social Skills


School truancy

Academic underachievement or school failure

Learning difficulties

Attentional Issues

Inadequate relationship skills

Computer/Video compulsion

Sense of entitlement

Impulse control

Anger management

Oppositional defiance

Drug and/or alcohol use

Boys Come to Our Mountains to Conquer Their OwnAdolescence can be a difficult time especially when there are special needs, trauma, or other compounding factors that interfere with growth and maturation.

Our students may have emotional and behavioral challenges that have
interfered with the natural maturational process.

Even though our students are bright, they have lost motivation for academics and have given up on healthy passions such as sports, music and arts.

Each youth attending Schrom Therapeutic Home has their own set of strengths as well as problems.

Individualized treatment programs focus on treatment goals developed with and for each youth during the first
few weeks of placement. Youth are active members in their care, along
with parents, guardians, and other professionals.

As much as possible we work closely with parents and guardians to keep them involved and informed about their son's progress as family reunification is vigorously pursued.

Schrom Therapeutic Home Care for Boys will not be an environment for
all students, but focuses on working with students who require a smaller home-like setting in order to safely explore personal development, experience academic success, enhance and strengthen social skills, bolster personal responsibility and accountability, and enhance family stabilization.

A large school setting can be intimidating and often lead to numerous placement failures. Schrom Therapeutic Home Care for Boys interrupts failure by assisting students with understanding and obtaining the need for academic achievement. Through our intimate family-style environment students experience a positive environment that focuses on and highlights daily achievements of our students. Success breeds success!

Academic success plays a significant role in the path toward family reunification. Academics for each student are based on their specific needs, with options for attending classes at the local high school, extracurricular activities, part-time employment, hobbies/interests.

Self-confidence grows as our students achieve academically. We work directly with Bonners Ferry High School teachers and administrators in providing for the needs of our students. Special education services are available to our students who have an existing 504 Plan or an I.E.P. or require those services. In addition, we offer tutorial services for students needing extra support. North Idaho College is available to those students who want to get a chance to experience higher education expectations.

Life Long Learning

Success is enhanced through life-long learning activities, which may include music lessons, equine therapy, community service, field trips, 12-step meetings, sports, and outdoor adventure. Independent living skills are practiced daily and include effective communication, laundry, cooking, chores, interpersonal relationship development, career exploration, financial management, and post-secondary planning.

"Hawk’s Landing," is located in the scenic Paradise Valley of Northern Idaho and is surrounded by the Cabinet, Purcell, and Selkirk Mountain ranges.

Provide a physically and emotionally safe therapeutic home environment

Provide therapeutic experiences to students which foster an open and honest parent-child relationship and communication

Facilitate the process of learning more functional coping skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, communication skills, verbalization of emotions, and anger management

Focus the student on accountability and responsibility for his current life choices

Encourage honest and open communication of the student’s thoughts and feelings and the connection to their current choices

Ensure communication between student, care-givers, and referring schools and parents

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