Tierra Blanca Ranch

Hillsboro, NM


Scott Chandler


Boys and Girls

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The ranch is a 30,000 acre working cattle ranch 40 miles from the nearest town. The Chandlers are Cattle ranchers with a heart for God, and turning kid’s lives around. The environment is similar to what a ranch would be like 100 years ago. It is a simple life, where kids get back to nature by camping, cooking, physical fitness, working cattle, riding horses, caring for animals, doing school work, reading, singing and being in a loving environment.

For over 15 years Tierra Blanca Ranch (TBR) has been working with kids that are:

1. Unmanageable & uncontrollable by their families or society
2. Spiraling out of control.
3. Not responding well with traditional counseling
4. Defiant and noncompliant
5. Stealing and Lying
6. Physically threatening
7. ADD, RAD, ADHD and other morbidities
8. Unwanted or at-risk,
9. Emotionally, mentally or physically damaged by their environment
10. Sexually abused
11. Addicted to drugs, sex, pornography,
12. Suicidal
13. Hurting themselves or others

Approach for healing

• Relationships are fostered.
• Love and respect are taught and demonstrated,
• Discipline is administered.
• Consequences are given.
• TV and the internet are restricted.
• Work, responsibility and respect are expected.
• The past of these kids is forgiven.
• Kids receive a fresh start.
• The Bible and it’s teachings is integrated.
• Their hearts are healed

Tierra Blanca Ranch is a 30,000-acre working cattle operation situated in New Mexico's Black Range. For almost 20 years, this beautiful and historic ranch has been the setting of Chandler family efforts to work with troubled and at-risk youths.

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