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ALA is very different from other therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens. First, instead of viewing the teens that come to us as “troubled,” we see them as good kids in need of a heart-change. At ALA, our approach is unwaveringly Christian, and we believe Jesus is the only answer!

Our goal, ultimately, is to see God’s love restore your teen to a life of promise and hope. We use tools that bridge the gap between parents and teens to see this carried out. Abundant Life Academy is truly a place of learning, healing and restoration through grace.

Our Christian therapeutic boarding school accepts teens age 13-17.

At Abundant Life Academy, we know that emotionally immature teens find comfort in the misdirected opinions of their peers while shunning the wisdom and direction of their parents. Students enrolled in our therapeutic boarding school are most often in desperate need for a paradigm shift in the following areas:

About Us

Spiritual Reconnection
Family Restoration
Academic Mastery
Emotional Growth & Intelligence
Advanced Leadership Discovery

At Abundant Life Academy, our team goes to great lengths to address each of these issues in a way that supports the family while creating a pathway for our students to take ownership in their personal growth and development at the same time.

Abundant Life Academy is a fully accredited high school operating under the guidelines and requirements of the Utah State Office of Education. We are a school accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission, which is the same as other State of Utah high schools, colleges and universities.


Our academic program is designed for a small student body of up to 72 students, grades 7 – 12. Ours is an independent study with tutelage program. The students are registered for grade-appropriate courses, and they work through the courses at their own pace. We maintain minimum weekly expectations according to their individual academic programs, but some students prefer to work ahead.

While the student has some control over his or her own academic program, our teachers closely monitor student progress on a daily basis and adjust the pace as necessary. Students that are lagging behind are given special attention and tutoring.

Most of the school courses we use are computer-based (many public schools are moving to this form of teaching as well, since teens seem to learn better using a computer, especially those who may be distracted by a normal classroom). We also have textbook-based courses for students who work and understand better through this medium.

When a school student has completed all of the high school graduation requirements set forth by the Utah State Department of Education and ALA, he or she is awarded a high school diploma from ALA. Since we are a fully accredited high school, this diploma and all credits will be honored at any college or university in the United States.

As students often transfer to ALA in their 11th or 12th grade years, we realize they may be in the process of preparing to apply to a post-secondary institution. Students are asked in their initial interviews with the Academic Counselor what their post-secondary education plans and career goals are. For seniors, we make every attempt to meet specific application deadlines, both for admissions and scholarships. For juniors, we assist students in registering and preparing for the ACT or SAT tests. We also transport the students to these tests. We provide mock ACT tests that help acquaint them with the time restraints of these tests. Traditionally, ALA students perform very well on the ACT test. While the national composite average on the ACT is 19.2, composite average of ALA students is 22.4.

Abundant Life Academy also integrates some practical vocational courses, both for young men and young women.

Students with an IEP (Individualized Educational Program) are evaluated on a case by case basis. If it is in the IEP students’ best interest to be enrolled at ALA, all areas of implementation of the scaffold classroom experience will be discussed prior to entry. There may be other particular situations, such as honors courses, where the needs of a student may not be covered with the standard tuition rate and will be an additional cost to the parent.

Abundant Life Academy is one of the few Christian therapeutic boarding schools that provide the option of athletics for their students. At ALA, we not only offer a broad range of sports for both girls and boys, we consider them a pivotal component of our holistic approach to leadership training and student development.

AthleticsAthletics at Abundant Life Academy are an essential element of our advanced leadership training, providing the opportunity for character development, interdependence, accountability, discipline, and triumph over both personal and group challenges. ALA sports are not just an addition to our program; they are a part of the whole package of what we offer. Participation in athletics at ALA contributes to the whole process of a student’s maturation.

We believe that athletic participation is a key component of what we do and thus, encourage every student to be involved in at least one sport during their stay at Abundant Life Academy.

Very frequently, we find that teens who once had no desire for athletic involvement discover a side to themselves that they were unaware of and often, our students discover that they possess leadership skills that they were previously unacquainted with.

What We Offer

Abundant Life Academy currently offers the following competitive team sports:

As part of our leadership program, we empower students to pursue their passions and teach them effective and appropriate ways to articulate that. If a student or group of students desires to play a sport that we do not currently offer, they are able to present that in the form of a proposal to be reviewed by our Executive Team. Often we have been able to offer a sport on a seasonal basis as a result of such propositions.

In addition to team sports, we also offer a first-rate Horsemanship program that facilitates everything from basic to advanced equine education and skill development. Our Horsemanship program also has an optional academic module that allows participating students to receive science credit. (Note: our Horsemanship program is independent of our EAP, or equine therapy.)

Abundant Life Academy offers a variety of therapeutic services intended to provide the highest level of quality care and support available in the therapeutic boarding school industry. Our Focus Team individually identifies each student’s service plan. (The Focus team is comprised of our Executive Committee and representatives from our academic, therapeutic, family restoration, and spiritual life departments.)

During the first thirty days of enrollment, we assess and evaluate your teen from each primary department of our program. At the conclusion of his or her first month, we have an individualized Focus Team meeting during which time we develop an outcome-based Student Service Plan. This plan is evaluated for each student every 6-8 weeks and adapted as necessary.

Abundant Life Academy offers the following therapeutic
services as components of our overall program:

Milieu Therapy

Individual & Group Therapy

Braincore® Therapy

Equine Therapy

Celebrate Recovery

The state of Utah has some of the strictest guidelines and standards for therapeutic boarding schools, with parental rights at the forefront. Among other things, Utah gives parents the right to decide if their child can be kept in a boarding school even if the child doesn’t want to be. In contrast, some other states have laws in place saying the child can legally walk out the door (even if they are under 18) without parental permission or knowledge.

Family Restoration
Family Restoration is one of the flagship components of Abundant Life Academy. It is one of a number of things that sets us apart from similar therapeutic boarding schools.

Family RestorationAt Abundant Life Academy, we do not seek to merely “fix” your “broken” child. In fact, that is not our aim at all. We enroll youth who have incredibly strong leadership skills, which either lie dormant or have been misdirected toward negative, anti-social behaviors and peer groups. Developmentally, teenagers are at a place where they begin, for the first time, to seek independence. As they do, they often begin to pull away from the source of their current belief system—the family. Unfortunately, in many cases, as the youth pulls away from their family, parents tend to press in even more. This process often creates a disconnect between teen and parent. As the teen pulls further away, stress and anxiety is increased in the home and parents tend to restrict their son or daughter’s behavior even more. The result is that, often, the teen will not only reject their current family values, he or she will seek out peers who will support them in this relational dissonance. This serves merely to widen the chasm between parent and child.

At Abundant Life Academy, we believe in complete restoration of the entire family. While the primary emphasis is on helping each child come to a place where they know themselves, can choose appropriate behaviors and belief systems, and recognize the power of giving back, it is not the end of the journey. We recognize that the family has also been affected tremendously and that, while every parent has poured out their heart and often exhausted every resource possible to prevent their child’s negative behaviors and attitudes prior to enrollment, there are opportunities for growth as a parent as well.

Abundant Life Academy exists to see students revived and families restored. As such, each family is required throughout their teen’s stay with us to also be engaged in the process. From the moment your child arrives at ALA, you begin your work.

Parent Coaching

Each family will spend the first 60-90 days going through Parent Coaching with a Parent Advocate over the phone. During this time, you will be learning many of the same principles your child will be learning and reading some of the same books they will be reading. Additionally, you will be provided with tools to assist you during your teen’s stay at Abundant Life Academy and beyond.

Parent Conferences

Once you have graduated from Parent Coaching, you are welcome to attend one of our quarterly Parent Conferences. The Parent Conference is a four-day workshop where you will be able to hear directly from our professional staff while participating in the day-to-day life of your teenager. This is also the first opportunity you will have to experience individualized Family Restoration with your child and their Family Representative.

Family Restoration Calls

Upon return from Parent Conference, you will begin bi-monthly Family Restoration calls facilitated by your Family Representative. These are a series of 8-10 lengthier calls centering on the primary issues that our students face in relationship to their family. During these calls, each parent will have the opportunity to “touch” the growth of his or her child even from a distance. Additionally, you will have the occasion to identify some things that have been revealed to you in regards to the session’s topic as you will have taken time to engage in self reflection and self assessment prior to the call. The Family Restoration calls range from past issues all the way up to creation of a Family Covenant prior to re-entry into the home environment upon Graduation.

Family Restoration is one of the many benefits offered to Abundant Life Academy families as part of your child’s enrollment with us. We truly desire to see each family returned to the place where there is open communication, respect, trust, and wholeness in Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the only answer

Educational Loans
Sending your child to Abundant Life Academy for the help he or she needs is an investment in your child’s future and in the life of your family. Still, we recognize that the financial reality of therapeutic boarding school tuition requires some amount of sacrifice for families. In some cases, health insurance may cover a portion of the cost. Sometimes relatives, employers, or church groups are willing to contribute. If you need additional assistance to afford the care your child needs, we urge you to consider an educational loan.

An educational loan spreads out the cost of tuition. The smaller monthly payment eases the burden on families and allows you to enroll your child when help is most needed. We are pleased to offer this form of financial aid through Clark Behavioral Health and American Healthcare Lending . The links below will direct you to their secure online applications.

Clark Behavioral Health

American Healthcare Lending

We understand that a financial need may accompany the need for quality care for your teenager. We do have limited scholarships available, which are distributed based on need. If you would like to apply for a scholarship for your teen, please follow the link below to apply through FACTS. Their secure online application will help us determine your financial need so we can distribute scholarship funds appropriately.

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