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Second Nature Entrada for Adults is a leader in therapeutic wilderness programming for adults due to its intense clinical focus and high level of personalized service to each client. Every encounter, assignment, and activity a client experiences has purpose and intention. Second Nature Entrada for Adults is a wilderness therapy program that provides individualized therapy, and experiential education to highlight choices and consequences, guiding clients toward healthy, long-term ambitions. Second Nature has an entire staff of exceptionally dedicated and experienced individuals ready to provide information and solutions

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Toll Free: (866) 205-2500

An unparalleled model of customer service begins with your first contact at Second Nature. With decades of experience in out-of-home therapeutic placement, our admissions counselors will guide you through a myriad of issues during the enrollment process. The always-accessible admissions team will quickly respond to your inquiries with respect, compassion and insight.

With the ability to pair each client with the appropriate group and clinician, the team will start your journey with expert, personalized service. Flexibility and communication are hallmarks of the admissions experience at Second Nature.

Admission Process
1.Please call Admissions at: (866) 205-2500 or click here to access a specific admissions representative. We look forward to learning about you and answering your questions about Second Nature.
2.Please complete the application for admission. Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours (usually much sooner) and you will be notified regarding acceptance.
3.Please download and sign the Participation Release forms. Upon completion, please fax the release forms back to your admissions representative.
4.Upon approval, your admissions representative will discuss travel arrangements with you. Airports for Second Nature Entrada for Adults are listed below. Please confirm travel plans with your admissions representative prior to purchasing tickets. We ask that you arrive at the airport prior to noon if possible. You will be greeted at the airport by friendly Second Nature staff.

Client Profile

The experienced clinical team at Second Nature Entrada for Adults is sophisticated and capable of working with a variety of mental health diagnoses, developmental issues, learning disabilities, substance abuse or dependence, school and/or job problems and relational difficulties. Treatment resistant clients who have struggled in other treatment programs find effective ways to heal at Second Nature. The highly experienced admissions team at Second Nature Entrada is able to match each adult client's unique circumstance to one of its many groups and therapists specializing in a specific population.

Second Nature Entrada's adult population includes, but is not limited to, the following profiles, diagnoses and conditions:

•Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety
Second Nature addresses chronic behaviors associated with mood disorders such as cutting, suicidal ideation, or withdrawal from others. When necessary, Second Nature facilitates medical supervision of psychotropic medication.
•Substance Abuse/Dependence
Second Nature is able to assess the level of involvement in substance and the appropriate level of treatment needed. Clinicians are also able to determine whether substance use is a primary treatment issue or more a symptom of other problems.
•Computer and Internet Addictions
Second Nature staff is skilled at addressing an emerging set of issues (such as social, job, school and family problems) relating to Internet gaming.
•College Difficulty
Second Nature is able to assess emotional and/or learning based issues relating to poor performance in college and motivational problems. On-site Psychoeducational testing is available. See information packet for fee schedule.
•Low Self-Esteem
Often a root of many difficulties, wilderness therapy is extraordinarily effective at addressing issues of poor self-worth, confidence and self-esteem. Wilderness provides numerous opportunities to confront self-imposed limitations and achieve small successes, thus building self-confidence.
•Low Frustration Tolerance and Difficulty Delaying Gratification
Second Nature staff are skilled at addressing difficulties relating to finishing tasks, coping with everyday life challenges and facing disappointment. Clients learn appropriate coping techniques and practice these techniques experientially.
•Life Stage Adjustment Problems
Second Nature works effectively with clients who may be experiencing unresolved grief relating to divorce, a move, or other life changing events. Therapists work closely with each client and family to carefully tailor assignments and effective experiential interventions to address life stage adjustment issues.
•ADHD/Learning Difficulties
Second Nature therapists address behaviors associated with ADHD or other learning differences such as impulsiveness, distractedness, poor decision-making, or other disruptions. Whether specific learning differences are identified or discovered through psychological testing at Second Nature, therapists will assist clients in developing a broader understanding of these learning differences and assist with effective coping strategies.
•Identity Issues
Staff at Second Nature are highly skilled at working with identity related challenges such as "who am I" difficulties associated with gender identity and/or gender orientation.
•Attachment and Adoption Issues
Second Nature employs highly skilled therapists, expert in exploring and unraveling the specific dynamics of the adopted clients as well as other life-circumstances that may lead to difficulties in attachment.
•Social Problems
Through the therapeutic milieu at Second Nature, clients who suffer from poor peer relationships, who experience difficulty reading social cues and who lack age appropriate social skills, gain awareness and the tools necessary to find happiness with peers and others.
•Family Conflict
Therapists work well to challenge each client to explore and identify their family's unique strengths, values and spiritual foundations. Families learn to work through anger and hurt, and gaining new communication skills.
•Grief and Loss
Therapists expert in addressing grief and loss are matched with clients who have suffered the loss of a parent, family member or friend. Caring staff create access to the pain, and challenge the maladaptive coping so that adults may work towards healing and integration.
•Sexual Acting Out
Age-inappropriate relationships, sexual promiscuity, and other sexual acting out behaviors may be explored and treated effectively with expert therapists in small group settings.
•NLD and Aspergers
Often misunderstood and misdiagnosed, our expert therapists will assess and provide specialized treatment with clients who suffer from similar problems. Self-esteem, social problems, and school struggles common to clients with these diagnostics, are also addressed.
•Victims of Abuse
In safe, small group settings with highly skilled therapists, clients are encouraged to explore the pain and shame that often leads to dangerous and destructive behaviors.
Exclusionary Criteria
While wilderness therapy is often recognized as one of the most effective treatment modalities for treating adult client problems, there are characteristics and diagnoses that present challenges to safety and efficacy. Our exclusionary criteria are designed to assure that you receive effective treatment without compromise to health and safety, and include:

•Active suicide attempts
•Psychotic symptoms
•Acute/Chronic violence outside the home
Medical conditions that may require emergency services during routine wilderness living, including:

•Diabetes (Insulin-Dependent)
•Allergies that may lead to anaphylactic shock
•Significant obesity
•Cardiac conditions or other organ dysfunctions that may lead to emergency care
Each case will be evaluated individually with consideration to the client's experience and willingness, doctor recommendations, and the history and context of the above conditions.

Individual Sessions
Your therapist conducts a formal individual session each week (1-2 hours), with you. Family letters are shared, along with the staff report for the week; and historical and in-the-moment issues are discussed. The therapist usually invites the Field Instructor assigned to you for the week into the session. The therapist updates your treatment plan with written notes, assignments, and themes for the following week.

Daily Groups
All groups are intentional with your therapist or an instructor’s leadership evident throughout the structure maintaining emotional safety and soliciting participant investment. With this leadership support, clients are regularly asked to facilitate a group on a topic they are familiar with or a topic suggested by the treatment team. Such groups provide the client with a valuable learning experience through teaching.

Milan Group
The name (Milan) of this form of group therapy was derived from a therapeutic school in Italy renowned for its effective intervention techniques, including one where clients listened behind a one-way mirror as the therapists discussed their case. At Second Nature Entrada for Adults, Milan Group occurs during staff change day where staff exiting the field at the culmination of the week, overlap with staff entering the group for the next week.

Feedback and narratives about you are presented while you are listening. Your participation varies from simply listening to providing a completely objective self-evaluation.

Standing Groups
A Standing Group is a spontaneous group called by any client or staff. This is usually short (while everyone is standing in a circle.) Emotions are appropriately expressed, while peers practice listening without judgment, and problem solving skills are developed.

Second Nature Entrada for Adults is located near St. George, Utah. St. George is in the most southwestern point of Utah surrounded by many great western wonders. Two hours east of Las Vegas, two hours north of the Grand Canyon and surrounded by both mountains and deserts. It’s no wonder St. George is one of the fastest growing towns in the country.

Entrada is a type of sandstone deposited throughout the Colorado Plateau - indigenous to the southwestern Utah landscape. This rock formation makes up the Arches of Arches National Park, and Entrada is also Spanish for entrance or gateway. Second Nature Entrada for Adults offers a setting with some of the most unique geographical formations in the world, where the Great Basin, Colorado Plateau and the Mojave Desert converge. Program field areas are public lands, managed by the Bureau of Land Management or U.S. Forest Services. The elevation ranges from 3500-5500 in the winter months and extends to elevations up to 8000 feet during the summer.

The climate is semi-arid with two separate rainfall seasons in the early spring and late summer, which averages about eight inches of annual precipitation and over 300 days of sunshine. Temperatures in the summer range from the upper 90s during the day to mid-60s at night while winter temperatures are fairly mild with daily highs in the 50s and 60s and lows reaching into the 20s and 30s.

Second Nature Entrada's objectives during wilderness treatment are threefold: natural observation and assessment, clinical assessment, and preparation for long-term solutions. These objectives begin to highlight the effectiveness of wilderness therapy, and even more specifically, why Second Nature Entrada for Adults has emerged as the premier adult wilderness therapy program

Though most insurance companies will not cover the entire cost of the program, we have been successful assisting families in getting a portion of the cost reimbursed through their insurance companies. While Second Nature does not bill insurance companies directly, as a courtesy to our families we will provide you at the time of discharge (and upon request) with a claim form or itemization to help you recover as much as possible under the terms of your insurance policy.

Second Nature will also assist you with various insurance needs at no extra cost, including checking your benefits, assisting you with pre- authorizations or notifications, preparing claim forms, assisting you through the claims processing, assisting you with filling out member reimbursement forms and any other insurance needs or questions you may have. Additionally, some of the services provided at Second Nature may qualify as a medical tax deduction, for which we can also provide an itemization of the full program.

Please contact your admissions counselor and they will direct you to our staff that can assist you.

Leadership Team
Santa Clara, UT
•Rick Heizer, M.S., Partner, Program Director
•Matt Hoag, PH.D., Partner, Clinical Director, Primary Therapist
•Mike Hench, MS, MBA, LMFT, Asst. Clinical Director, Primary Therapist
•Gail Bramlet, MBA, Office Manager
•Becca Carlin, BA, Field Director
•Clay Garett, Associate Field Director
•Sara Carroll, Recruiter/Associate Field Director
•Emily Douglas, RN, Medical Coordinator/Nurse
•Josh Nelson, BA, Logistics Coordinator
•Tabitha Scarbrough, Family Coordinator
•Tara Cook, Parent Coordinator

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