Lincoln's Challenge

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16 to 18

Boys and Girls

Call admissions department for current tuition.

Each class lasts for five and one half months (22 weeks, including the Pre-Challenge phase) and there are two classes per year. The class that starts in January will graduate in June and the class that starts in July will graduate in December.

LCA's mission is to train, mentor and develop selected applicants into contributing members of their communities by providing life application skills through a variety of activities based on the 8-core objectives.

Applicants must complete the application packet, attend an orientation/registration session, have 2 completed mentor application packets, and receive a drug screen. Contact the Regional Coordinator for registration/orientation dates near you.

Volunteer; 16-18 years old high school dropout by the start of the new class; resident of Illinois and a US citizen or legal resident; not currently involved in the legal system or have a court case pending; drug free at the start of class.

Yes, however even your spare time consists of structured activities. There are many extracurricular activities available for the cadets. These include basketball, GED Jeopardy team, chess club, art club, jazz band, choir, drill team, honor guard, military club, and others.

Cadets do have a scheduled break during the class and it is dependent upon the overall class schedule. Families also are provided opportunities for on-site visits. After the Pre-Challenge phase, the family will be provided a schedule for visitation. Generally, visitations are on Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and occur on alternating weekends.

You would reside on campus in the Lincoln's Challenge dormitory. Each student is assigned to a team and each team has their own floor in the dormitory. Typically cadets are placed three to a room.

no tuition

The mentor is a member of the cadet's community who volunteers to be a positive role model and who will reinforce and continue the cadet's revelopment. The mentor is a valuable asset who will aid in empowering the graduate to become a success. This cadet/mentor relationship is monitored and supported by a case manager from Lincoln's Challenge Academy's Office of Admissions and Graduate Affairs.

fully voluntary will not take unwilling students no smoking no drugs

Military Academy

(800) 851-2166

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