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Caribbean Mountain Academy believes in the seriousness of counseling and dealing with problems and struggles, but at the same time knows the therapeutic value of the fun and active involvement of the kids with our staff. Laughter and fun times promote hope and healing. Caribbean Mountain Academy provides a unique opportunity that mixes cross-cultural experiences, service projects, and team building activities into the overall daily experience of your child. Some of the activities offered include hiking, learning to speak Spanish to the local people, going to the beach, caring for and riding horses, swimming, baseball, basketball, soccer, weight-lifting, and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Students also participate in service projects to local Dominican families and around campus. Projects may include replacing roofs, building cinder block homes, painting, repairing washed-out roads, creating fun days for local village children, visiting and playing with children in orphanages, etc. Whether by the satisfaction gained from manual labor, or because of the interaction with loving Dominicans, these kinds of service opportunities positively impact the students' confidence and self-esteem and become a catalyst for change as the students learn to graciously serve others.

Most likely, your child is coming from an environment of chaos where he or she has been ignoring rules and boundaries or is wrapped up in an influence they can’t shake. We provide much-needed daily routine and structure to begin bringing balance and perspective into their lives. Our goal is not to make a child conform or comply to certain behaviors, but rather to help them see the value of making good choices so they want to make good choices.

We encourage good choices by “catching them doing something right” instead of just pointing out their mistakes. When a child makes a good choice, we’re not only praising them for that, but they are also earning privileges or rewards as they progress through our “level” system—the higher the level, the greater the privileges earned.

It is also necessary to teach and correct poor choices that are made. We do this through the natural consequences of lost privileges. Any this happens, the student has the opportunity to reduce the length of time they have lost privileges by acknowledging what they did wrong, what thoughts led to that choice, and how they would more appropriately handle it next time. The goal is for youth to be able to move off of restriction as soon as possible.

In addition, our staff have been trained to handle outbursts or intensifying misbehavior through using Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI). This approach focuses on diffusing the situation (verbal de-escalation), keeping everyone safe (physically restraining only as a last resort to keep a child safe), and using the crisis as a learning opportunity (helping the student process the event and learn more constructive ways to deal with stress or painful feelings).

Our alternative school is unique, just like your child’s specific needs. We have a freeway-accredited program which allows us to issue credits to students based on their understanding of course material, not how much time they’ve spent sitting in a classroom. This is critical for students who are trying to make up lost ground!

In addition to this unique accreditation, our program also uses APEX digital curriculum, which means:

Course combinations are customized to your child’s current level of functioning and goals, including honors and advanced placement options, as well as concentrations for areas in need of review
Students can work alongside one another in privacy and without embarrassment of any current grade level, thanks to individual computer stations
Youth progress at their own pace, giving them added incentive to work hard as they see the credits they’re able to earn
Students have access to courses that will help them prepare for significant exams in their educational career, such as the SAT or other college-entrance exams.
At CMA, we have licensed teachers to provide classroom instruction and supervision of the APEX digital curriculum use. Their individual attention and guidance, in conjunction with the other CMA staff, will give your student the tools to catch up, keep up, and even get ahead of their peers at home academically.

Spiritual Growth & Development
We believe that faith in Jesus Christ can be the key to changing the lives of those with whom we work. The Gospel is consistently shared, but never force-fed. Your child’s experience at CMA will include both structured and unstructured opportunities to see the love of Christ and faith at work in the lives of those around them including:

Daily devotionals
Weekly Bible studies
Sunday worship
Christ-centered counseling sessions
Ministering to others through community service projects
Mentoring and guidance provided by program staff
Special events or presentations

How We Keep Parents Informed
Each family with a child at CMA will be assigned a Family Support Specialist (FSS). This person has one priority, and that’s to make sure you receive the highest quality of service from our team. Your FSS will be the one updating you on how things are going with your son or daughter, scheduling any phone or web meetings, answering your questions, sharing progress reports, and making sure all of your needs and expectations are being met. Whatever the need or question, they’re the only call you’ll need to make.

Communication with Your Child
We believe that communication within families is vital, and encourage you to connect with your child through mail, email, phone calls, care packages, or web chats. This will be especially important as your child progresses through treatment and begins to see family relationships in a new perspective.

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