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Families agree to a 30-day minimum stay. The average student stay is 65 days. Some students will stay longer, depending on how quickly they respond to therapy. -

RedCliff Ascent is a therapeutic wilderness program for troubled teens ages 13-17 who are on a developmental vacation, our term for a disrupted or incomplete pattern of development. (For those of you who are 18 yrs. old and older we offer the Medicine Wheel Wilderness Program for Young Adults! You can learn more about that program by calling us at: 1-800-898-1244 )
Located on the high desert plateaus of Southern Utah, RedCliff Ascent covers an area of approximately 650 square miles. RedCliff is not a boot camp, adventure camp, or any other kind of camp. Our model of teen help is based on respect, trust, and the understanding that your child is more than just a diagnosis.
Founded in 1993, RedCliff is different from any other kind of wilderness therapy program. We offer a level of clinical sophistication that is unmatched. RedCliff therapists don�t just hold therapy sessions in the outdoors. They understand how to use the environment as a clinical tool.

Representatives are available to help you 24 hours a day. Our office is open from 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. During non business hours, our lines are forwarded to an answering service that will page our representatives at your request.

Our students could best be described as good kids who are making bad decisions. RedCliff Ascent is especially helpful to troubled teens who may struggle with a variety of emotional and behavioral concerns, including substance abuse, ADHD, mood disorders, etc. Please see the Program section of our website under What About Diagnosis for a complete discussion. -

Troubled teens enrolled in RedCliff Ascent wilderness therapy may earn up to one half credit each in physical education, foods, interpersonal communication, health and fitness, English (elective credit only) and outdoor education. Academic over-site is administered by our sister program, Discovery Academy.
Discovery Academy is accredited through the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools and operates under the direction of the Utah State Office of Education. RedCliff Ascent students will receive an official academic transcript. This means they can earn credits through a nationally accredited institution.
Students acquire credits at an individual pace based on their level of participation in the wilderness therapy program. The flexibility provides an additional incentive for troubled teens working to achieve specific progress markers in their Developmental Vacation.
Academic offerings are not the primary reason why families choose RedCliff Ascent wilderness therapy. However, the opportunity to earn school credit is an added value to troubled teens and their parents. RedCliff students can typically earn as much as three credits in 60 days.

Outdoor activities, hiking fire building experential learning opportunities abound.

The wilderness environment offers unique healing insights because the student is disconnected from family and the familiar environment. Troubled teens can't run away from their problems. They are accountable to the group in which they live and work. In an out-patient setting, these students are able to control the delivery of their dependencies. The wilderness provides a clinical dominance that forces struggling teens to confront those dependencies every moment. They do this, in part, through structured and spontaneous therapy sessions.

RedCliff students participate in weekly individual therapy sessions. Typically, these sessions occur on Mondays and Tuesdays. They may be held in a snow covered field, a yurt, or beneath a juniper tree. Each session lasts as long as necessary. In addition to these individual therapy sessions, RedCliff clinicians frequently hold evening sessions where the campfire provides a catalyst for discussions.
Besides to individual therapy, teen help at RedCliff also comes in the form of group therapy. Clinicians conduct group therapy at least once a week. Field staff conduct groups daily � often as an event is occurring. This gives troubled teens an opportunity to process what is happening as it happens. The students themselves can initiate a group discussion anytime they feel the need to do so.
Group topics typically include psycho educational, or brain and behavior, discussions. Therapy groups are generally topic driven, with subjects such as healthy relationships and problem solving. Peer feedback groups give students a chance to provide honest assessments of each other with field staff taking a secondary role in the discussion. Cognitive behavioral therapy groups focus on helping students interpret their experiences. That interpretation generates emotion, which in turn generates behavior. In these groups, students confront irrational beliefs. By so doing, they elicit appropriate emotion and insight. This leads to more authentic behavior.
Family therapy is a critical part of the student�s wilderness success. Family sessions are held via telephone and are scheduled at the family�s convenience. The primary goal of these sessions is education and assessment. Parents will be able to measure, week by week, their child�s progress and determine whether their program expectations are being met.
In these sessions, the therapist serves as a strategic liaison between the parent and the student. Clinicians educate parents on how to interpret their troubled teen�s language and behavior. They will identify and discuss any maladaptive parental patterns of interaction that may be prolonging the teen�s developmental vacation. Parents learn how to strategically write to their student to improve the quality of communication between parent and child. Parents and therapists will be able to assess whether the student is willing to let his parents be the parents.
These family counseling sessions are held at least weekly and, when necessary, may also include having the student participate via telephone from the field.

RedCliff is located in the beautiful red rock and high desert terrain of Southern Utah and covers an area of 650 square miles. A parent center includes a kiva, pavillion, and amphitheatre with a fire circle

Parental participation and involvement is a critical part of the treatment process. Because it is not feasible for parents to visit the program regularly due to distance and cost, we have identified five different elements of participation that will contribute to the treatment process and the next transitional step.

philosophy of interuption is required for change.

Unfortunately there are no scholarships. Our admissions team can give you information about companies who offer educational loans. -

A wilderness therapy program is only as good as the people who deliver the program content. Our team of teen help clinicians are all masters and doctorate level therapists who have spent years working with Troubled Teens.
More than half of RedCliff field staff are college graduates. They typically stay with our company an average of 16 months. Most of our field staff are under contract for periods ranging from 8 to 12 months.
Potential employees must spend six days in the wilderness learning the pragmatics of field management as well as core policies designed to keep troubled teens safe and magnify growth opportunities.
A three week wilderness therapy internship is also required prior to employment. During this time, interns learn wilderness living skills and observe field staff at work. Interns must also complete the same curriculum as our students. Once hired, field staff receive weekly training from our clinical director and therapy staff on the developmental vacation modality.
RedCliff wilderness therapy staff are randomly drug tested throughout their employment with a comprehensive urine screen. All employees must pass a criminal background check.
RedCliff Ascent trains staff better than any other wilderness therapy program. Part of this training includes the language of Ego States. This language is not the basis of RedCliff therapy, it is simply a communication tool that creates consistency from staff to staff and staff to student.
RedCliff staff realize that to advance in our corporate structure they must understand and incorporate this language. To assist staff in complimenting the treatment modality we offer:
Weekly clinical instruction
Study manuals
Student background information which explains the teen�s diagnosis, family dynamics, and history.
Treatment plan from the therapist outlining the needs and therapeutic goals for each troubled teen. This documentation is provided by the therapist to field staff for each student in each group.

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