Red Top Meadows

Post Office Box 290 
Wilson, WY 83014
United States of America


Bruce Burkland or Mark Ames



Call admissions department for current tuition.

A private, non-profit Residential Treatment Program and Therapeutic Wilderness Program that provides services for emotionally and/or behaviorally challenged adolescent boys.

Inquiries regarding placement at RTM are directed to one of the therapists or to the Director for an initial screening. This is generally a phone contact.

Lacking motivation - Poor peer relationships
- Feeling shy, awkward and/or lonely - Age inappropriate behavior & Depression - Lacking healthy attachments - Poor social skills - Poor self-esteem

Camping, backpacking, climbing, and river crossings

One of several mountain ranges surrounding Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 3 Red Top Meadows wilderness field staff will lead each group of 7

Parents will be required to meet with their sons and the Red Top staff at the end of the expedition to review progress towards individual goals and to create a plan for continued growth and success in their home community.

We believe that people can make changes in their lives when they:
See the need to make changes, have hope that change can occur, and are willing to take some action

Median age of staff members is 28 years.
Each staff member has previous experience working with youth and/or troubled youth populations.

20 years of experience operating Therapeutic services for troubled youth. Fully accredited academic program - Wyoming Dept. of Education. Certified treatment facility - Wyoming Dept. of Family Services
Accredited wilderness program - Assoc. of Experiential Education (AEE)

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