Cono Christian School

3269 Quasqueton Avenue 
Walker, IA 52352

(319) 448-4395

Dave Toerper



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Cono Christian School is a not for profit residential and
day school. We work with distressed teens who come
to Cono for a fresh start and help in emotional healing,
maturation and resolving behavioral issues resulting
from adoption, traumatic experience and/or family

Most of our students are typical kids who exhibit
Behavioral or emotional struggles. The range stems
from your normal home issues, as well as kids who
have been adopted. When adopted after such adverse
beginnings, such children are failing to form bonds of
trust (attachment) and of falling short in their
developed abilities to receive/express affection toward
their parents

Accredited CSI and North Central Association

Cono Christian School exists to glorify Jesus Christ by
serving day and boarding students and their families.
Our singular and audacious intention is to provide a
safe place for bringing students to maturity and
restoration to their families, through Christian parenting
and teaching.


Corrective discipline and development of social skill
encourages kids to work harder and make mature
decisions regarding inappropriate behavior such as
tardiness, lying, cheating, stealing disrespect etc. The
goal is to restore them back to their family..

Christian Boarding Schools

(319) 448-4395

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