Fields of Harvest Ministries, Inc.

1296 Collins Hill Road 
Johnson, VT 05656

(802) 635-7807

Neal Kidney

13 - 17


Call admissions department for current tuition.

Recommended minimum one-year stay

Residential home-family/school

Each applicant should care for and complete any personal business before arrival.

Behavioral or emotional struggles

All who enter Fields of Harvest-Harvest Christian School will attend school at our center.

Construction projects, work projects, wood cutting, gardening, clearing land tending animals, working in wood ship, cooking or house work

Counseling with an assigned counselor

Home like living environment

You, the parents, are committed to the work and structure of the program.

To provide a residential "home-family/school" environment for individuals: ¥ Where they will be introduced to or deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Grants may be available, from time to time

Cheryl Kidney, Head Teacher - Heather Kidney, Teacher/Resident Assistant - Micah Kidney, Teacher/Resident Assistant - Malcolm White, Chaplin - Ginny White, Teacher - Scott Verzelli, Assistant Counselor - Joe Carey Team Leader

Living at Fields of Harvest residential school is an opportunity and privilege, which will be withdrawn if an individual consistently acts in disregard to the purposes of Fields of Harvest

Christian Boarding Schools

(802) 635-7807

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