Colorado Timberline Academy

35554 Highway 550 
Durango, CO 81301




Call admissions department for current tuition.

August to September. Students will leave campus during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Vacations.

College and outdoor oriented, co-educational, secondary boarding school dedicated to the enrichment and growth of each of its members in a community mountain setting.

A maximum enrollment of 50 students. The Academy requires applicants to visit the campus for an interview.

Seeks students who excel in an area- in academics, sports, or the arts. The ideal school for students who are: The high-ability, high achiever who wants the support, structure and challenge of a small school to reach his or her best potential The bright, average achiever who wants to improve school performance through closer personal attention from teachers The non-achieving, capable student who seems to lack motivation to get ahead and who needs daily structure to provide incentive for success.

An average class size of eight students. An outstanding record of college admissions. An excellent selection of electives: computers, art, drama and more. Although the program at CTA is college-oriented, an equally sound academic curriculum is provided for those students who do not choose to attend college.

Soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, dance or Yoga, woodworking, photography, yearbook, drama, pottery, drawing, painting, guitar, music or cooking.

Congenial and homelike atmosphere. Cabins of the “El Rancho Encantado” now house two to three students each. Faculty cabins are intermingled with those of students, and a feeling of privacy within a neighborhood extends along cabin row. We have made additions to housing facilities, including a six-person solar-heated dwelling, a duplex to house four students, and a duplex with two apartment units for faculty housing. The lodge building now functions as a classroom building and also houses our office, kitchen and dining room. Another building adjacent to the lodge serves as additional classroom space and houses the science room, foreign language room, art room and darkroom. A soccer field, frisbee golf course and outdoor regulation basketball court have also recently been added to our facilities.

CTA is a non-traditional secondary school program that prepares its students academically and socially for the challenges that they face upon graduation. CTA strives to create academic and personal development by fostering individuality, freedom with responsibility, creativity, respect for the outdoors and global awareness.

11 resident faculty members. Daniel Coey - Director. Janice Mayer-Gawlik - Academic Dean. Marianna Waroblak - Foreign Languages. Ian Altman - Art & Rockclimbing. Stephan Turner - Mathematics. Stephen Steiner - English/History. Christine Pardew - English. Jason Frank - Mathematics. Brian Murray - Science. Adam Russell - Dorm Parent / PPR.

Special trips form an essential part of the CTA experience- a wilderness trip prior to the start of classes in September, a desert trip in the late fall, and a spring trip.

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