Lighthouse Christian Academy/ABM Family Preparator

Piedmont, MO
United States of America

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Larry Musgrave


Boys Only

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6 months to 18 months

It is our belief that through structured and modeled instruction teens can learn to overcome the obstacles that have been causing them to fall behind in school and in other areas of their personal growth. By having an understanding of Biblical principles and knowing how to properly implement them into their lives, they can overcome peer pressures and faulty thinking that lead to undesired consequences. Although these principles may be rejected at first we believe that after observing in others the proper lifestyle, they will learn and practice the benefits for themselves.

What we are:

We are a church related educational ministry whose sole purpose is to educate adults, teens, and children in the areas of education as it pertains to their physical, intellectual, and spiritual well being. We offer remedial care for resident students only in the form of prayer and spiritual means as established in our creed and tenets. “ABM Ministries Inc. Teaching by example the Christian way of life. Our Creed, Statement of Faith, and Church structure is the Bible. There is no other Authority that can lay claim to its beginnings or to its purpose.” We are a member of “The Association of Christian Schools International.” We board our students and offer open year-round enrollment.

We are not:

We are not a clinic or residential treatment facility for drug addicts, alcoholics, those who are physically violent, or the mentally incapacitated. We do not offer clinical counseling nor do we offer medication treatment plans for any of our residential students. We are not a group care home.

At ABM Ministries it is our desire to restore/secure the parents to the role of authority within the home, and their children to that of happy, honest, productive, interactive family members. To restore/secure a Biblically centered method for solving problems and restoring structure to the family as a whole. Teaching the need for a strong family along with individual commitment to God and His core teachings.

A phone interview is completed to see if your child is a good match


We offer both a Christian-based and secular-based curriculum. This curriculum can be either accredited or non-accredited based on your desires. We offer tutorial services for students that are lacking the proper foundational skills in a particular subject. We school year around and can help students that have fallen behind or even failed a year to catch up or advance in their studies. We teach our students the skills they will need to be successful in college and trade school. They learn proper study and reading habits. How to find answers to tough questions and how to properly communicate their thoughts and opinions in a manner that is respectful and beneficial to their future. Our accredited curriculum is over seen by teachers with masters in their perspective fields. All transcripts are recorded and will be forwarded to the receiving school upon graduating from our program. Our school fees range from $250.00 to $1005.00 depending on the curriculum you choose. Education, while not always the main concern of parents enrolling their teen into this style program, it is, however, a major part of the over all esteem of any teen. As grades come up so do the feelings of being able to over come other obstacles in life.

We have horses, goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, dogs, three ponds--two stocked with fish. Our students play volleyball, baseball, kickball, basketball, horse shoes, football, and participate in hiking, camping, canoeing, swimming, movies, board games, billiards, air hockey, etc.

We are a family style boarding home. We try to maintain the same atmosphere found in good stable homes. This makes transitioning back into their home easier and less stressful. Our staff is made up of both professional and volunteer help. All staff is trained and receives annual reviews. They all have extensive back ground checks and their personal history is reviewed with respect to the positions they hold at ABM. Our case workers are licensed in their fields and also undergo review. We take great pride in our opportunity to work with your teen and we want to offer only the best. We feel each staff member brings something special to the program as a whole and we value their efforts.

Through spiritual, emotional, and physical training we teach teens how to be accountable, respectful, and productive in all the areas of their life.

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