SUWS Youth & Adolescent Program

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Students remain in the program for a minimum of 28 days; with a maximum of nine weeks

Using a goal-based system, students are continually presented with opportunities to learn and practice skills that increase their understanding of personal responsibility and improve self-esteem

Offers flexible enrollment options for a family's convenience

Mood Disorders- Oppositional Defiant Disorder - Anxiety Disorder- ADD/ADHD - Specific Development Disorders or Learning Differences

Students receive a curriculum manual on the first day that contains philosophy, practical skill instruction, stories, journal assignments, and history and science lessons. They are often able to receive transferable credit for completing their SUWS Youth curriculum

Learning first aid, to basic orienteering and primitive living skills

Youth Field Supervisor is responsible for the therapeutic evaluation and counseling of the student group. A Supervisor works closely with each child to help him or her determine the attitudes and behaviors that are negatively impacting their self-perceptions. By pinpointing and examining these self-limiting beliefs, the Field Supervisor can work with parents, counselors, consultants, and schools to map out customized individual treatment plans

Situated in semi-arid terrain at 4,000 feet elevation, we experience all four seasons. The SUWS Youth Base, located at the beginning of the property, includes an office complex, instructor residences, challenge course, training facilities, and two commissaries. Groups in the field remain in contact with Base personnel via radio 24 hours per day, and have access to shelters located throughout the desert

The SUWS Youth Program believes that a child's growth and healing is often best supported by the inclusion of the family in the counseling process. Therefore, the final phase of the program includes a two-day workshop in which parent and child come together to begin establishing grounds for future communication. This experience provides a forum in which both parents and students can practice skills and tools they have acquired throughout the program, while still under the supervision of a trained counselor.

To create reference points that each child may tap into later for positive self-reinforcement

SUWS is pleased to offer a financial aid application for educational loans through our financing partners. Our corporate partners can loan up to the entire tuition and often include transportation costs as well, at very competitive rates

Treatment team that includes one Field Supervisor and two Field Instructors.

Upon arrival, students are immediately placed in an established group of no more than seven students. Children are assessed as to how they interact with staff, peers, and tasks, and to determine individual patterns of coping

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