Elan School

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Deanna Valente

Grades 7 - 12


Call admissions department for current tuition.

Average stay is 24 to 30 months

A carefully conceptualized, caringly administered residential community.

Offers year-round rolling admissions

Adolescent whose behavior is out of control. Emotional, behavioral or adjustment problems.

Is a closed SAT site. Students may be able to earn up to three years of high school credits in a two year period. Offers a fully approved junior high, high school and special education program. Those students planning to continue their education in postsecondary schools are challenged through upper-level courses, while those who need intensive remediation are helped to acquire skills necessary to cope in the working world, as well as to open doors to postsecondary education and training. Elan follows State of Maine credit requirements for graduation.

Has an active athletic program (teams have won several state championships in many sports). Videos are shown every week. Concerts, festivals, local fairs, exhibits, sports events and trips out to dinner, the movies, art museums, planetariums, aquariums, and the theater are organized regularly for students who have earned the privilege. Most entertainment trips are to Portland, where professional hockey and baseball teams are among the attractions. Other trips may be to attend area football games or to go to amusement parks or places of historical or cultural interest. Field trips are scheduled to Boston annually. Trips to various state parks are organized during the summer months. In addition to the regular recreational trips, house trips include canoeing, white-water rafting, snow tubing, whale watching, roller-skating and bowling. Elan students participate in a campus-wide talent show several times a year. Winter and Spring Carnivals are also held.

Provides intensive group sessions; individual sessions are on an as-needed basis.

Two co-educational houses. Each house is self-contained, and holds 65-75 students. Meals are prepared in Elan's main kitchen by two chefs. Meals are served to the students' family style. Between 2 and 8 students share a dorm room. Elan has a central library located in the School House, as well as individual house libraries, all consisting of volumes of fiction and nonfiction. There is a computer lab with iMacs, complete with CD-ROMs, where computer literacy is developed and work in various subject areas is accomplished.

Visits home are scheduled when appropriate and earned for each individual student.

The program is based on the principle that behavior cannot be changed by simply eliminating negative actions. The adolescent must not only stop antisocial acts, but must also learn a new way of doing things

Prep Gate, Sallie Mae,

Sharon Terry, Executive Director. Faculty members at Elan are certified in their subject specialty and/or special education. Bill Diamond is Elan's Superintendent of Schools.

Elan is licensed by the Maine Department of Education as a private, residential special-purpose school. Elan is also on the approved list of placements for several other states.

Elan School

Residential Treatment Center


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