Carson Long Military Institute

200 North Carlisle Street 
New Bloomfield, PA 17068-0098

(717) 582-2121

LTC David M. Commolli, Academic Dean and Admission

Grades 6 - 12


Call admissions department for current tuition.

1 year

Military Institute

Each cadet must be immunized before he can enter school, according to Pennsylvania State Law. He must also have a physical examination before he can enter school, and he should have his dental work completed

Amenable to discipline and free from any vicious or immoral habits.

Our courses of study are absolutely standard. We prepare our boys for college or university. The Pennsylvania Department of Education, which today ranks high in the United States, has placed Carson Long on the Approved List. Carson Long has been accredited since 1929 by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Offers a wide range of varsity and intramural sports. The school philosophy states that every cadet should have the opportunity to take part in sports regardless of his athletic ability. The Kate Carson Gymnasium contains three newly renovated basketball courts, the athletic director's office, lockers, and showers. It also has dressing rooms for visiting and home teams. On campus are five tennis courts and fields for football, soccer, baseball, track, and intramural athletics


BELFRY HALL Contains apartments, class rooms, a modern rifle range, a parents' lounge, a recreation room and dormitories.

When boys make the transition from their homes to a Preparatory School, it sometimes takes a little while for them to become adjusted. This is only natural and normal. They may become a little homesick. This, too, is natural and normal. It has been found through long experience by many good schools that it usually takes six weeks for boys to become adjusted to their new life and work in order that they may do excellent work. During this period of time, it is always best if there is little or no visiting by parents or friends. Boys like to stand on their own feet. It is true that a good letter or two each week is excellent. Telephone calls should be kept to a minimum. A letter is better. There are no objections to small boxes of fruit and cookies occasionally from home. It is rare for many boys to develop well and do their best unless given this period of six weeks to become adjusted to their new surroundings.

We believe that Your Boy is your greatest business, and that your paramount desire is to see him grow up great and good, and straight and strong. Our aim is to help you realize that desire, Our business is the molding of character - the making of men - the greatest business in the world. We believe that we can help you. We believe that we can help your boy. We aim to develop in our boys a natural fondness and preference for the correct things in life, In short, we aim to teach each boy How to Learn, How to Labor and How to Live.


President - Colonel Carson E.R. Holman, B.S., M.A. in Ed. U.S. Miitary Academy Academic Dean - Lt. Colonel Juan I. Tejera, Dr. in Law, M.S. in Ed. Secretary - Mrs. Amy Jones

While our school is non-sectarian, a strong religious spirit pervades its life and work. The teachers are men and women of deep religious convictions who aim to make the school atmosphere that of a refined and cultured home. All students of all faiths are required to attend church or Sunday school of their choice once each Sunday. Protestant and Catholic ministers are available. Rabbis in Harrisburg.

Military Academy

(717) 582-2121

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