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Building Bridges works with each individual based upon their individual needs. Some of our students progress through their program rather quickly, while others may take a while longer to make that progress. Our counselors and staff will work closely with each family to determine the appropriate expectations for each student’s length of stay.

The program is a long-term residential program that teaches students the basics of accountability and responsibility in a nurturing family setting

Students are experiencing low self-esteem, wavering self-confidence, poor relations and communications with the family. They may have experimented with drugs or have an extensive drug history.

We want every one of our students to attend public school. We have carefully designed our program to provide each student the opportunity to benefit and grow from the experience of full enrollment in a public school. Our more senior students, those who are farther along in their program, act as mentors and guides, helping new students manage the challenges of reintegrating into a public school. We also closely monitor each student’s academic performance and interactions with his teachers and class mates to ensure that he is learning how to overcome past negative behaviors. Some of our newer students may not be able to attend the public school for a variety of reasons. In those cases, they will attend classes at our facility until it is appropriate for them to be enrolled in the public school.

Each member of our counseling team is required to be a Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC), and hold a degree in Psychology or related field. Under the supervision of our Director, Kurt Fairbank, who holds a Masters in Psychology as well his LAC and PCLC licensures, our counseling team takes great care in designing each student’s Master Plan. Building Bridges is proud of our counseling team and the incredible work they do.

Our facility is located on 45 acres in some of the most scenic forested area in the pacific northwest Our brand new residential facility has room for up to 24 students, with a professional kitchen, large living and dining areas and many more amenities. Our property includes private river access where we enjoy water skiing and tubing, or just jumping in after a hot day. We are ideally designed to blend the positive peer culture of a larger facility with the personal interaction only available in less crowded environment. Students in our program can easily find the privacy they desire for self-reflection, one-on-ones with their counselor or another peer, or simply to write a letter home. At the same time, they can also interact and get feedback from a larger group, providing the grounding that comes with such interactions.

Building Bridges has partnered with Prosper Healthcare Lending who may be able to help you cover the cost of treatment.

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  • Recommendation of preferred schools and programs
  • Teen Transportation Services

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