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Virginia Robinson

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Separate boys and girls facilities

Call admissions department for current tuition.

42 days+

Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Program

New Admissions are accepted every Friday.

Emergency admissions are scheduled on a space available basis

Struggling with substance abuse and emotional /behavioral concerns

some academics are incorporated into the program.

Hiking, camping and other associated outdoor activities.

Master level therapists are in the field visiting with the young walkers.

Arizona Wilderness

In some families, parents find themselves unable to enter helpful conversations with a son or daughter. Attempts to talk about concerns result in a conversation of blame through words or silence. The times for teaching and learning together are few and far between, if not at all. For these families we offer an opportunity to significantly improve their relationship through a "walking" in the wilderness.
For other families, parents find they can still enter conversations or create time to talk, share, explain concerns, teach and discover one another's burdens with a child who is making at-risk choices. For those families who have problems but are still talking regularly, we invite you to consider the resources available in this area of our website as well as the Arbinger Seminars offered by ANASAZI

At least one adult (parent, guardian or sponsor) must commit to participate in: parent orientation, two-day parent seminar, one-hour weekly family counseling session (in person or via telephone) and their student's Lone Walking (three-days/two-nights on the trail) at the completion of the program

It is the mission of ANASAZI Foundation to prepare parents and children to turn their hearts to one another and walk in harmony in the wilderness of the world.

Some scholarship funds are available for families in need.

"At ANASAZI, the children come first. We come second. To free themselves from worldly cares, I counsel our people to "drop their burdens at the gate" and tend to the needs of the Young Walkers on the trail. We strive to remind ourselves that the ANASAZI Way is not to change the behavior of the Young Walker or the Parents, but to provide opportunities for the heart to be touched, so the change can come willingly from the "one who stands within." Then the Change of Heart, like clear water, will flow without compulsion."
--The One Who Stands Within by "Good Buffalo Eagle", Ezekiel C. Sanchez

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