Wilderness Endeavor

British Columbia, British Columbia

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Wilderness program.

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teenagers who want to come to know who they are.

: Exercise, healthy foods, and the abstinence of harmful foods and drugs.

We begin building our emotional bank account by living the principles of the 12 step Program, the 6 Pillars of Character, and the 10 Virtues That Will Heal Our Hearts and Homes. We learn the value of hard work and service and that this is what builds character.

700 acres. Accenting the log lodge are log cabins that surround the lake with two large barns, the corral area, the gymkhana grounds, a float plane dock, and private 4,000 foot airstrip.

Wilderness Endeavor was established in 1923 as a place for nature to work its miracles in the hearts of all those who discovered this special place and has become the Last Resort to many parents who don't know where to turn.

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(435) 623 2047

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