Rancho Valmora

Box 1 
Valmora, NM 87750
United States of America

(505) 425-6057

Gary David Jordan



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Experiencing difficulty in traditional schooling, problems in social and familial relationships and in some cases substance abuse and legal issues

Valmora High School was established and accredited under the auspices of the Wagon Mound Public School system and serves only the Students of Rancho Valmora. All Students have an Individual Educational Plan in place and work independently at their own pace. Courses are competency-based and credits are issued when competencies are met

Horsemanship, bicycling, fishing, hiking, camping, swimming, skiing, an obstacle course, horticulture, aerobics and other activities all are a part of the weekly activity schedule for group participation, depending on the season. As for organized sports - basketball, baseball, volleyball, football and soccer -are played as group activities and also in organized teams competing with other schools and leagues.

Clinical Director supervises the social learning environment, with Master's Level Clinicians, and Formal Group Leaders assigned to Groups

Structured group living

To provide a social learning environment teaching care and concern for self and others through the Positive Peer Culture Model.

Direct care staff members are with each Group of nine (9) Students at all times, day and night. A consulting Psychiatrist, Neuro-Psychologist, and Psychologist are available when necessary

Rancho Valmora provides a potent, progressive and innovative Fine Arts program in which all of the Students participate.

Residential Treatment Center

(505) 425-6057

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