Rite of Passage

1561 Hwy 395 
Minden, NV 89423
United States of America


Sean Doak, Chief Admission Officer


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An academic, vocational, and athletic program dedicated to providing the best level of care and the most effective treatment process for today+s disadvantaged youth who would otherwise be denied the opportunity for rehabilitation.

Approved by Rite of Passage+s Admission Manager after following the screening procedure and policy including completion of collected information, interview evaluation and risk factors. Recommended by the Probation Officer. Placed by the Court. Approved, when appropriate, by a representative of Rite of Passage+s Licensing Agency. Has all required documents authorizing placement and permitting care in the Rite of Passage program. Referred by parents or guardians and meet admission requirements

Peer oriented, a group socialized delinquent whose unacceptable behavior is committed in front of others to gain status of his peer group. He has future goals and is motivated to obtain goals. He is resilient, has sense of family, scores above a full scale 70 I.Q. and can physically participate in an athletic program

Parent involvement is crucial. Parental influence and expectations run a close second to peer influences for these youth. We work with the parents to help them support a youth's change efforts. Through parent training, on-site and off-site visitations, homepasses, invitations to football games and even ROP sponsored transportation in some regions, parents become involved in a youth's treatment at Rite of Passage.

Established in 1984, ROP has grown from an alternative program for 12 emotionally disturbed teenagers into a multi-level program that cares for hundreds of boys from placing agencies across the United States.

Residential Treatment Center


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