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This is a 12-month program

Castle School is a community-based, residential and day school for adolescents ages 13 to 17 with emotional and behavioral problems. The students at Castle School have a variety of issues that may include severe conflict at home, school failure or behavior problems, self-destructive/ suicidal behavior, running, depression, social isolation, substance abuse, court contact, and psychiatric hospitalizations.

Castle's young people have all had serious emotional problems that may show up in severe conflict at home, school failure or behavior problems, self-destructive/suicidal behavior, running, depression, social isolation, substance abuse, court contact, and psychiatric hospitalizations. Many have trauma and abuse histories and/or long-term family problems. They can be impulsive and failure-prone, and they need help developing social maturity. They may be bright but too emotionally overwhelmed to perform academically, and their education is often complicated by frequent absences and/or various learning problems. Sometimes their families are no longer involved or involved in a destructive way that requires limits on contact, and many human service professionals are involved in their lives. Because Castle is not a locked facility, our students do have some level of self-control and enough emotional stability to adjust to a group living situation and form attachments.

The academic component is taught year round by a team of certified special education teachers and consists of a secondary-level school program that is both special education-approved and diploma-granting. The credits earned at Castle School may be applied toward the students graduation requirements from their home school. Castle also offers the opportunity for older students to add to their curriculum by attending the public high school and area colleges on a part-time basis.

Castle School offers clinical services under the supervision of their clinical coordinator who is a licensed clinical social worker. Students participate in group and individual counseling within the program as well as weekly psychotherapy at an area mental health clinic or with their personal therapist. Castle requires family involvement in the therapy program if the child is working toward returning home and offers a variety of services including a family support network, family therapy and a monthly family activity day

At Castle, parents are considered part of the treatment team for their children. We welcome their involvement and expect them to join in designing and supporting the treatment plan. Therefore it is important that parents commit themselves to attending their child's case conferences, visiting regularly, following home visit plans, and participating in family services. We make a real effort to keep in touch with parents, and in turn, we expect them to keep in close contact with us and to raise any concerns they might have.

Castle's program is modeled after the highly successful 'psycho-educateur' approach developed in Montreal. This is a very structured approach to educational and psychological growth based on experiential learning and a carefully planned environment or 'treatment milieu.' In the social world of Castle School, the student can go through many of the encounters of real life, but in a protected, simplified way that can be tailored to a student's needs. Guided by staff who are positive role models and teachers, students learn responsible problem solving they can apply to the real world, and they have a chance to succeed within a positive social framework.

Castle School

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