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Gloria Hastings


Boys Only

Call admissions department for current tuition.

Our residential program is a 24 hour seven day a week service that runs 12-24 months including an 11 month educational component on campus.

Our vision is the treatment, supervision, and education of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and learning challenged boys

Candidates must submit a completed application and essays for enrollment consideration. In addition, a battery of diagnostic testing is required, which includes:

Intelligence testing (WISC or WAIS administered within the last three years)

Achievement testing (WRAT, PIAT administered recently)

Inclusion of auditory, visual-motor and projective tests

Clinical evaluation by a licensed mental health care professional
Bachman Academy does not discriminate in terms of admission or the administration of its programs based on gender, ethnicity, religious belief, national origin or otherwise qualified disabled students.

In 2000, Bachman began its newest service to young people through the development of a special education program to meet the needs of students diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or other special educational problems.

Bachman Academy

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The Bachman Academy academic program is custom designed to meet the educational needs of each student. The teaching staff has developed techniques and has selected materials to enable the student to be successful in developing their own academic skills.

Each student has an individualized core academic curriculum. Advanced learning concepts are presented through programmed learning. A self-paced, interactive approach provides continuous feedback. The student’s attention is reinforced and motivated through success.

Class size is small, with a 5:1 student/teacher ratio.

Each area of the curriculum meets, or exceeds, the Tennessee standards for high school completion and requires 21 credits for graduation.

Direct instruction, visual aids, computers, cooperative activities, tutoring, and differentiated instruction are methods that will ensure that each student’s different learning style is addressed.

Our teachers have special education training and/or advanced degrees, and have many years of experience teaching students with learning difficulties.

Textbooks are selected based on National Assessment of Educational Progress standards and the student’s academic level.

Frequent communication keeps parents informed about their child’s academic and social progress.

available to our students, a pool, gymnasium, lake with canoes and fishing, a farm, horsemanship program, and Venturing BSA program. Many other resources are available in the surrounding area like the Ocoee Whitewater venue, mountain trails, and Chattanooga points of interest.

Social casework is provided by a certified psychologist.

Bachman Academy is located approximately 20 miles Northeast of Chattanooga in the beautiful Tennessee River Valley. Take I-75 to Exit 20 – Cleveland Rt. 64. Go east about a mile to the first exit – Hwy. 11 Cleveland. Turn right on Hwy. 11 (South) and go about a mile. Brymer Creek Road turns right (west) directly across the street from a large red and white lighthouse. Brymer Creek Road goes directly through the campus.

We believe the involvement of family is a major and necessary component of our program.

Our Mission is to effect a positive and enduring change in young lives, through the love and wisdom of God.

There are 30 faculty and staff consisting of 5 administrators, 12 full and part-time instructors, 5 dorm parents, 3 full-time maintenance staff, 4 full and part-time administrative support staff, and a school nurse.

What we do…

Provide a “nurturing” quality educational setting.

Teach Christian principles through interaction, involvement and practice.

Instruct on-site in classrooms with high staff-to-student ratio

Provide Vocational Training in areas such as:

“Good Works” Garage Auto Mechanics
Equine Program
Landscape Design/Nursery

Nurture lives in four homes for residential care of students.

Build self-esteem, increase confidence, promote independence, and motivate learning.

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(423) 479-4523

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