Clearview Horizons

785 Kaniksu Shores Circle 
Sand Point, ID 83864


Mary Thielbahr-Willman, MA, MS


Girls Only

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The Clearview experience is designed for twelve to eighteen months, allowing for total immersion in behavioral training. The girls are expected to stay at Clearview for a full year or more.

We are unlike the traditional “wilderness” or “ranch” programs. The Clearview program has been created as a practical skills learning opportunity for those girls who are not ready to rejoin their families. We provide a non-threatening, structured, yet nurturing environment for the girls who need to develop interpersonal skills, work on drug, alcohol, and sexual abuse issues. Students with learning disabilities thrive at Clearview.

Clearview is a small, nurturing program. As a result, there are times when we fill up quickly and are at capacity. It is important to contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in enrolling a student.

Typically, the Clearview student is a teen who is struggling with her self-esteem, motivation, purpose, the influence of a negative peer environment, recreational drug use, an eating disorder, or some other destructive behavioral pattern. Behaviors which bring girls to Clearview:

• Low Self-Image
• Authority Problems-does not want to “be managed” by anyone
• Misleads Others-draws others into negative behaviors
• Easily Mislead-is drawn into negative behaviors by others
• Easily Angered-often irritated
• Stealing
• Alcohol or Drug Abuse Problems
• Lying
• Acting

The Special Problems of Drugs
Many girls with emotional difficulties are involved with illegal drugs, including alcohol. Teenagers use drugs to cover up personal pain or hurt feelings. Others use drugs in a recreational way, but some slip into habitual or dependent use. Each girl with a history of drug use is assessed to determine the nature and extent of her drug and alcohol use. If it is appropriate the student will go to weekly AA or NA meetings. Random drug testing may occur.

Clearview offers tutoring, special assistance with any homework problems, and constant contact with any teachers to stay informed of the student’s progress.
Educational options are:
• Junior High School
• Senior High School
• Correspondence Courses with University of Nebraska and Keystone
• ACT and SAT
• College Courses on Campus
• College Courses Online

Clearview is located in a recreational paradise-skiing, snow shoeing, sledding, boating, tubing, biking, hiking, canoeing, etc. A healthy and nutritionally balanced diet is provided and encouraged as an integral part of the girl’s physical fitness regiment.

Emotional Therapy is Fundamental at Clearview.
Students participate in DBT, cognitive therapy, reality therapy and life integration therapy. Such individual therapy might occur in one sitting or occur over multiple short sessions during the week. Group therapy is highly effective with adolescents and occurs weekly. Family therapy occurs during family visits.

Horses are a part of the Clearview world in the summer. Girls learn:
• Self esteem
• Communications
• Endurance
• Responsibility
• Balance
• Work ethic

Lodge is nestled in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Family visits are encouraged every four months. There are no visits which are simply a reward for appropriate behavior. Each visit has a set of behavioral goals which the student works on during her family visit and returns to Clearview and shares her family experience with her therapist.

At Clearview our mission is to help girls to grow in emotional fitness, academic fitness, and physical fitness. We reinforce and build self-discipline, and self-respect while developing a positive self-image. The student will receive behavioral training tools which will benefit her for the rest of her life.

Clearview is a program made up of skilled and experienced professionals who help young girls struggling with life problems.

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