Turning D Ranch

76 Tanager Lane 
Thompson Falls, MT 59783


Sean and Danice Thorne


Boys Only

Call admissions department for current tuition.

3 to 12 months depending on individual performance

We are a small facility for boys ages 12 to 17 years.
This program is based upon the fundamentals of a 12 step program for low self-esteem. We offer academics, communication courses, process groups, counseling, also implementing the use of the rugged wilderness. Generally consisting of conditions where the students go on hikes, camping and do other types of chores to help the student break down the barriers interrupting a healthy lifestyle

Our program is designed to help teens struggling with one or more of the following problems:
Experimentation with Drug/alcohol
Desire to live outside family values
Self sabotaging
Defiant behavior
Low self-esteem
Lack of motivation
Manipulative behavior

Many of our students haven't been able to reach their potential due to the interference of their problems. We can help them achieve their educational goals through an academic program designed for each individual. This is done through an accredited school called North Texas Academy. The program provides courses and credits that are transferable to your local High School. The cost of the academics program is moderate and paid directly to the school by the parents. A second option is to check with your local school district, many provide independent study for students unable to attend class. In this case we will work with the school to administer work assignments.
Accredited through Zion Academy

We have many activites for the teens to participate in. Activities will take place on the ranch grounds as well as in the community.

Activities may include but are not limited to:

River rafting
Horseback riding

Experienced, degreed Staff counsel students.

Groups will be scheduled on a daily basis. These times can be modified as needed by staff to address specific issues or needs.

Daily participation in our groups will give the students opportunity to express their beliefs, concerns and goals. Challenge old beliefs and logic, discussing barriers students may be facing/experiencing in making successful decision-making. Learn to Identify negative patterns and attitudes through learning self-awareness and listening to positive constructive feedback from peers and staff.

The topics covered in our program will lay a foundation providing new tools, such as effective communication skills, listening skills, identifying and coping with emotions, and planning transition back into their home and society.

Liscenced therapists are available upon request.

Our facilities include a ranch house, in a rural setting, far from distractions which we believe provides an ideal environment for young people to begin a new and positive directon in life.

Family weekends, and family time with a counseling session with a counselor, either phone, internet or in person.

Honesty, open mindedness, and willingness

Contact admissions for additional information

Experienced and trained staff work with the students.

Individuals will earn privileges through their daily activities based on a level system. The "levels" will determine what activities they will be able to participate in. Participation in activities is a privilege and not a right. They must be earned.

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