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Boys and Girls

Call admissions department for current tuition.

18 months

New Creations Christian School, Boarding School, and Bible College admits students
of any race, color, and national or ethnic background

Thank you for taking interest in enrolling your child in New Creations Boarding School for troubled teens. Here are the steps that you need to take to enroll your student:

Please feel free to contact us and we will help you through each step over the phone, or email us with questions. go to our wev site and,

1. Print out the Preliminary Application and Financial Application.
2. Complete both of these applications.
3. Send both applications to us by fax or mail with the non-refundable application fee of $45.00. *Please Note: Applications must be filled out by parent or custodial guardian.
4. Upon receipt and evaluation of your application, we will contact you to do a preliminary phone interview and set a date for an on-campus interview and tour. Financial arrangements will be discussed during this phone call.
5. Download a copy of the Boarding school handbook. See The Handbook Page for instructions on how to download this page.

Below is a list of enrollment fees that are due before or on the intake process:

Registration Fee: $100.00
Book Fee: $350.00

We Cater To:

1) Parents who want to place their student in a Christ-centered program or parents who want their student in a boarding school for Christian training and education. This program can be for one or more school terms. The purpose of this program is to continue the parents' Christian values.

2) Parents who are having trouble with their child: rebellion, abuse, education, troubled, and juvenile offenders. This program is a minimum of 18 months. The purpose of this program is to restore the family in a Christ-centered manner.

New Creations Schools are focused on young people, to win souls and discipline them in wisdom and knowledge, teaching them in Biblical doctrine, equipping them with the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit, to win the whole world for Christ!

Camping and sports opportunites for students are available.

Our counselors are trained to counsel in appointment settings and spontaneously. In residential care, the most effective counseling is done during daily activities, as an incident happens, or as the result of a child's comment. In an appointment setting, the counselee puts up walls and defenses and has time to rehearse responses and reactions. We try to avoid these hindrances. Therefore, we rarely, let the child know he/she is being counseled. Christ-centered counseling is our structure.

New Creations has 590-acres, including 65 acres of lakes

Parent Meetings are for current parents of boarding school students to get to know the staff members that work directly with their child. These are held to inform parents of any changes that will be made. We also like to use these to get your input. Counselors and teachers are available during these meetings to answer any questions that one might have about the progress of their student. We request that all parents attend these meetings. Not only will parents find out information, these meeting also serve as a time for support. Parents are gathered with other parents that are going through the same situations. We like to have support for our parents. The Parent Training Sessions are for PARENTS!

We have three main goals for our "Teens in Transition."

They are:

1. To develop personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and become disciplined to live for Jesus.

2. To restore relationships with parents, family, peers, and others.

3. To educate to the child as far as we can possibly.

It is our desire that money never be an issue, but that is not realistic. Along with registration fees, there is a $ 2,000.00* monthly support cost. If this is not affordable by parents, New Creations will try to work with them to determine individual support**. New Creations depends on tuition and donations. It does not depend on state or federal monetary support.

* All finances are subject to change.
** Monthly time payments is based on parents income and availability of New Creations funds

Full-time live-in and part-time staff work with the students counseling, helping with homework, teaching responsibility, and disciplining them in the Word of God.

New Creations

Christian Boarding Schools

(765) 935-2790

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