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For the most part, fear is nothing but an illusion. When you share it with someone else, it tends to disappear - Marilyn C. Barrick, Psychologist & Writer

Few choices have as great an impact as the choice of a behavioral management program for a defiant troubled teen, a specialized boarding school for a child with failing grades or a Christian summer camp for a self-indulgent child. Families can find the decision overwhelming as they struggle to evaluate options and make wise choices.

Educational Consultants counsel families in the selection of educational programs and emotional growth schools, based on the student's individual needs and talents.

Nothing is more varied than the preferences and personalities of children and teenagers

Not tied to any institution, program or school, an educational consultant works for you and does not accept any compensation from camps, institutions, schools or programs for placement of a child.

Hiring a Consultant -- Is It Worth The Cost?

Special purpose schools and programs have monthly tuitions in the range of $1,800 a month and up. An educational consultant who is experienced and competent can increase the odds that the first choice of a program or school will be the right choice, helping to avoid financial failures for the family an additional failures for the child.

Parents who work with experienced and qualified educational consultants thus reduce the possibility of losing money and time as a result of an inappropriate placement.

An educational consultant is a skilled professional who provides counseling to help families choose an academic program or behavior management school that is a good personal match: one that will foster a particular student's academic, behavior and social growth. Perhaps the most important consideration when selecting an educational consultant is the level of trust and comfort you feel for that person.

Educational Consultants can provide a family with individual attention, firsthand knowledge of hundreds of educational and residential opportunities, and the time to explore all of these options.

Role of the Consultant

An educational consultant is a skilled professional who provides counseling to help families choose a program or school that is a good personal match: one that will foster this particular student's academic, behavioral, mental, physical, social, and spiritual growth. Educational consultants can provide a family with individual attention, first hand knowledge of hundreds of program and schools, and the time to explore all of the options.

Ethical Guidelines

Educational Consultants work under a strict set of ethical guidelines that govern their actions in their relationships with colleagues, families, programs, schools, students, and treatment centers. These include a responsibility to understand each student's special needs, strengths and values, while striving to include all family members in the educational and/or placement planning process. Our Educational Consultants do not accept any type of compensation from any educational institution, treatment program, or wilderness school for placement of a child. For a full copy of these Principles of Good Practice, ask your Educational Consultant to send them to you directly.

Who We Help

  • Parents who are considering behavior modification programs, boarding schools, military schools, or other residential settings for their child
  • Parents whose teens have eating disorders
  • Parents with adolescents who are struggling with academics and/behavior
  • Parents with young children who have special learning needs

Assisting Families with Troubled Teens -- Putting the Pieces Together

In times of crisis a barrage of emotions often overwhelms parents. The confusion and desperation associated with a troubled teen can be extremely trying. As alternatives are explored, how do you know what options are available? Of the many forms of intervention, which meet the unique needs of your child?

Educational Consultants help parents build a promising future for their child and their entire family. Educational Consultants are trained experts who possess comprehensive knowledge of placement options. Many consultants specialize in crisis intervention and have extensive experience advising families with children who have behavioral and emotional difficulties. This expertise is used to advise you of the most suitable placement for your child. The consultant thoroughly interviews the family to determine individual concerns and needs.

Getting to know and your child are vital to discovering a solution. Teens who are "acting out" can appear very similar although the underlying roots of the behavior may be quite different. An individualized approach is required to respond to a child's particular needs. A knowledgeable consultant can help you find which programs are suited for your child.

Research is done to find the best fit for your child. Because consultants have helped a variety of troubled youth, teens and young adults, they are aware of a multitude of options and can expeditiously target the best choices. Educational consultants spend time on the road, visiting ranch programs, residential schools, therapeutic programs, schools and more for youth ages 5 to 13, adolescents ages 13 to17, and young adults ages 18 to 28. Not tied to any institution, consultants can concentrate on what is best for your child and provide you with objective options.

After the child has been placed, the consultant follows up to monitor progress. Consultants often work as part of a treatment team in conjunction with therapists and can also serve as supports for parents. Consultants look beyond the current placement and assist in planning for your child's continued progress. Educational consultants advise on all facets of your child's care. This confidential and professional intervention often brings long-awaited direction to troubled families.

Selecting the Right Program or School -- Putting the Pieces Together

Choosing the right residential program or therapeutic boarding school can be puzzling.

Parents consider alternatives to their child's current situation for a variety of reasons: the need for individual attention; the desire for more discipline and structure to learn better study skills and work habits; or the dissatisfaction with the quality of the current educational and residential program options. Therapeutic Boarding Schools provide a 24-hour learning environment, away from immediate distractions, where students can thrive and learn to do more than they ever dreamed. The right program or school can provide countless academic and extra-curricular opportunities to maximize a child's potential and develop new interests, skills, and life-long friendships. Treatment centers and schools differ in philosophy, setting, size, and structure. Discipline and teaching styles, religious affiliation, and the role of arts and athletics are additional elements that define each program and school. What other factors need to be considered when choosing a program or school? How do you know if your child will be safe? Who will be your child's friends and role models? Will the program or school adequately meet your child's unique needs? Studies show that parents often limit their choices to programs and schools their friends have recommended or those close to home.

What factors should be considered when selecting a treatment center or wilderness program? How do you know if it is right for your child and your family? Educational Consultants are trained professionals who possess extensive knowledge of educational and wilderness program options. This expertise combined with a caring approach to understand your child, helps families identify a program or school, which is academically, socially, and therapeutically appropriate.

Some programs and schools hire "marketing and sales guidance counselors".

However, these sales and telemarketing people are often burdened with enormous amounts of phone calls and simply do not have the extra time you would like them to spend with you. Independent Educational consultants can be a welcome resource for families who recognize they need more help that "marketing and sales guidance counselors" are able to provide. Consultants also have expertise in advising parents with special circumstances such as learning or physical disabilities. Not tied to any program or school, consultants can provide unbiased help in wading through the myriad of brochures, letters, and videos that parents collect in their search.

An educational consultant speaks personally with families to discuss their unique concerns. To find the right "fit" for your child, the consultant learns as much as possible about your child and your family. Consultants help you clarify your child's educational and treatment needs, identify strengths and weaknesses, and considers interests and dislikes.Placing your child in a wilderness program or academic school can be an emotional decision, but one which most often leads to an enriching experience.

A consultant can help facilitate the process of selecting the program or school in which your child can be successful. The consultant helps you understand what to look for in a program or school. Every program and school's image is beautifully displayed in brochures, CD-ROM's, on the Internet site and in videos, but how do you uncover the school's true profile? Because a consultant knows your child's needs based on the family interviews, and has a thorough knowledge of which programs and schools meet your families' needs, he or she can formulate a customized list of appropriate options.

A consultant can then point out specifics about each program or school such as academic overview, admission criteria, dorm arrangements, medical, nutritional and psychological characteristics size of student body, and characteristics of the community, which aid in your decision. The consultant has firsthand knowledge of many different types of program and schools. Consultants pride themselves on extensive first-hand knowledge of programs and schools, big and small, in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Educational consultants enhance their knowledge by touring hundreds of campuses, spending time meeting with admissions officers, educational directors, and exploring program and school living arrangements and environments.

The personal insight provides an educational consultant with a much deeper understanding of a program or school than a brochure or Internet website can convey.

Additionally, an educational consultant has valuable experience resulting from years of educational planning with a variety of students. An educational consultant brings to the family the knowledge and skills of an experienced professional, coupled with a commitment to assuring that the child's best interests are met. An educational consultant can act as the family's facilitator, guide, and interpreter for the entire program or school selection and application process.

Consultants serve the immediate and long-term interests of your child. Many consultants also specialize in behavior management, learning disabilities, and special needs planning, and can assist in formulating long-range goals for your child.

The consultant stays in touch with you and your child to ensure that placement is successful and to assist you in developing an extended educational plan.

An educational consultant listens to your special concerns, helps you thoroughly investigate the options, and continues to monitor your child's progress to ensure a successful emotional growth program or boarding school experience.

Consultants assist with the admissions and application process. Having someone who understands the system can help ease this very stressful time. Consultants regularly attend conferences and workshops to stay current on developments in their field.

They have experience in admissions, and know the intricacies of applications and financial aid. With programs and schools getting more competitive and expensive, families can feel increased pressure to make the right choice. Consultants serve as the family's personal resource in identifying programs and schools that best fit the child and family's individual preferences.

Discovering the Best Summer Program for Your Child -- Putting the Pieces Together

Summer is an important time for both enrichment and corrective learning. Students can explore new fields of interest or build on subject matter they already enjoy. Students can experience what it is like to camp outside, live in a ranch setting or live in a dormitory.

For students that have learning differences or are defiant, unruly, and /or out of control, summer can be a time to improve skills, build self-confidence, and become physically and mentally challenged. Summer provides an exciting time to explore avenues untried during the school year, enhance current interests and to gain some appreciation, motivation, and respect. There are thousands of summer opportunities, located nationally and internationally, for children and teenagers. The cost of a summer program or school is variable as its content or location. Other considerations include duration and structure of the program or school, the maturity level and experience of the programs staff, and the ability to earn academic credit.

An educational consultant is a professional who gets to know you.

Choosing the best summer program or school for your child depends on matching the program to their interests, needs and talents. An educational consultant will recommend options and weigh alternatives based on a personal telephone interview in which you discuss your individual preferences. Not tied to any institution, program or school, an educational consultant works for you and does not accept any compensation from camps, institutions, school or programs for placement of a child. An educational consultant personally visits a variety of summer programs and schools. A summer program's image is beautifully displayed in brochures and in the Internet. But to evaluate the program and /or schools true profile you need to speak to someone who has visited and spoken with the staff and students there.

An educational consultant personally visits hundreds of programs and schools and provides first hand information as it relates to you and your family. A consultant can assist you with finding the right summer program or school that provides the opportunity for you child to develop their interests, and advances their plans for the future. Nothing is more varied than the preferences and personalities of children and teenagers. It is, therefore, important to assess summer experiences form a variety of perspectives. The expert advice of an educational consultant can lead to an unforgettable summer experience that builds self-esteem and encourages independence. Students struggling with motivational and self-esteem issues often find success through a structured, emotional growth summer program or summer school environment.

Meeting the Needs of Students with Learning Differences -- Putting the Pieces Together
A child with learning differences faces many frustrating challenges and pressures.

The resulting feelings of despair and isolation may keep a child from reaching her or his full potential. Finding a school or program that caters to your child's individual needs can lead to increased self-confidence and a positive attitude toward the future. With the wide range of options available to learning disabled students, proper research is needed before choosing an academic program or behavior management school.

An educational consultant gets to know you and your child. This individualized approach is crucial to finding the most suitable program or school setting.

The consultant is skilled at matching your child's individual academic profile to a school or program that addresses her or his unique learning style.

A consultant has extensive knowledge of program and schools and their available support services.

Educational consultants visit and evaluate hundreds of programs and schools each year. Their knowledge of each programs and schools profile providers you with firsthand information about your options. An educational consultant listens to your special concerns, thoroughly investigates the options and continues to monitor your child's progress to ensure that your child is placed in an academically and socially appropriate learning environment.

Home Visits

Many Educational Consultants will travel to a family's home anywhere in the country. They will work with the family in the home environment to acquire the additional information needed to help them resolve the issues or problems, often then making a residential placement recommendation. These services are per contract agreement, and provide the same services other consultants provide, with the additional advantage of working with the family in their home environment. These fees vary depending on the time and circumstances.

Wherever you are, our affiliate consultants work with you: in our offices, via the Internet, by telephone, or in your home.

What Fees Are Involved?

Like any profession, fees vary widely. Our affiliate Educational Consultants are experienced and have good reputations working with behavior management programs, boarding schools, and special needs programs. Ask for references and they will be sent to you directly by any of our consultants.

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How We Can Help Your Family

Discriminating among the many programs or evaluating the effectiveness of your child's current program can be a daunting challenge. The Professionals we work with provide consultation to families with a personal approach. You are assured that you are in good hands.

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